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Well, my name is Jack, I have lived all my life in the northern United States, and am a huge fan of science and technology alike. It has always fascinated me, and is why I love to build electronics circuits, or do stupid things that involve fire and then claim it was for science. Just kidding. All jokes aside, I do love science, and although I almost burnt down my shed with it, I will always continue to follow it, and it is most likely going to be my career, as some type of engineer. If you really wan't to know what I do in specific, http://youtu.be/3p0Uq_S6g1Q is an example.

If you have any questions about someone as boring as me, or just want to send me random invites to your group that I will ignore, feel free to message me. My profile can be found here: http://www.roblox.com/users/5522012/profile

I have been playing Roblox since 2008, so almost 7 years...

Games I enjoy are:

Thanks for reading my profile, considering you are the rarity of people that will, since I am just an editor, kinda boring, I know, but grammar is important children! Watch me make 20 grammar mistakes in this.

That editor,

P.S. - If I make any grammar mistakes in here, please message me so I don't get fired by my boss. Because being fired isn't fun.

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