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Greetings viewers! I'm currently an Author at RoGo (since 12/14/2014). I hope to write many articles about topics that you, the viewers, would love to see! Thus, feel free to shoot me a message if you have an idea for an article! If I like your idea, I may write an article about it (credit will be given)!

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Santa Cop

Posted 4 years ago

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Santa Cop

“Bad boys, bad boys,

Watcha gonna do,

Watcha gonna do when Santa comes for you”

Santa Cop hat was released on 11/25/2014 as apart of the holiday theme for Roblox Christmas 2014. Luckily, this lovely hat wasn’t within a gift, so all you police lovers out there can go pull over some Elfs!


Texture: The texture of this hat is relatively simple. It has the same Santa hat that fits perfectly on your head and for a bonus you get those cool cop-like glasses!…


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