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I am a RoGo Editor and I enjoy editing. If you ask most of the Editorial staff, they will currently tell you that I basically edit everything before they get the chance to even look at the article.

If you need help with your RoGo application, please message me via ROBLOX private message which can be done Here. Just simply put as the 'Subject' "RoGo Application."

Please note, I said I will HELP with your application, not do your application for you!

*The RoGo Administration is NOT currently accepting Staff Applications. You still can send an application so please visit the Staff Application page to fill out an application! When done and submitting an application, do NOT spam the inbox of any current Staff member or the group wall demanding to know if your application has been read and accepted or denied. Just please be patient! You will NOT be notified if you were NOT accepted.

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Articles Submitted by YOU!

Posted 2 years ago

Posted in Editorials

This article is for those who wish to create amazing content and have it featured here on the RoGo website.


Have you ever wanted to become a RoGo employee but felt that the hiring process takes too long and have always wished to be an Editor, Author, or Fashion Analyst? Well, here is your chance to be an unofficial Author with RoGo!

While many of you reading this may have already submitted your work, the only problem is that not many people know how to format their work so we can officially publish it.…


Economic Reasoning of Tickets being Discontinued

Posted 2 years ago

Posted in Editorials

Please read into the blog post by ROBLOX here.

Some things that you should know is that every Ticket, or Tix as we call it, competes with the ROBUX portion of the economy. Thus, since games have become more popular, every ticket earned slightly degrades ROBUX.

This is what I mean by degrading the Tix or Ticket:

Every place visit grants 1 Ticket. A million place visits is therefore a million Tickets. For that million tickets to exist (based on a 17.000 TCR*), it takes 59,000 R$ to keep those Tickets worth something.


Community written Articles – Articles by You!

Posted 3 years ago

Posted in RoGo News

Community written Articles - Articles by You!

Last Updated: 3/10/16|9:05 AM CST

Ladies and gentleman, and fans of all ages – slow down with your posts about wishing you can write articles for RoGo and read this article! You can write articles for RoGo without being an actual staff member! Sounds like a crazy statement, right? WRONG! As a fan of RoGo, I’d like to remind you that you have the ability to write articles and possibly have them published on the website.

Before I show you how to do such a thing,  there are 3 things you need to know:

  1. Just because you submit an article, it does not mean it will be published.


Flanking Frontier – Interview with the Creators

Posted 3 years ago

Posted in Interviews

Flanking Frontier - Interview with the Creators

What types of games have you played recently? Murder Mystery? Apocalypse Rising? Call of Robloxia 5? 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon? If you have, and you love battles with guns, swords, and above all, winning, then sit back and learn about Flanking Frontier. Though, if you’ve ever played Heli-Wars by DrewsomeB, you’ll quickly notice that the layout is almost the same, but with more detail and an amazing twist to the game play.

I had the chance to interview the creators of Flanking Frontier, bluejays1236 and Rocketgamer10.…


RoGo Christmas 2014 Contest Update

Posted 4 years ago

Posted in Contests

RoGo Christmas 2014 Contest Update


This is an update for the “RoGo’s 2014 Christmas Contest.” For more information please read this article: http://rogomagazine.com/posts/?postid=2118 or click here.

A few concerns have been brought to my attention, if you wish to use the ROBLOX Forum to submit your article, please title it “RoGo Christmas Entry” then send the link to the information which can be found here.



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