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I have been playing ROBLOX for almost 6 years; I joined in July of 2009. I am one of the founders of RoGo and helped build it to what it is now. I am also a game developer, so that means I don't really spend much time playing games.

I self-taught myself RBLX Lua. I don't consider myself an expert, although I do think I'm quite good. I am currently teaching myself HTML and PHP, using this website as practice. I wrote the code for a lot of the pages.

My two popular games are Dragon Rage and Christmas Rush (seasonal). Both places exceced over 1 million visits. My other popular games are Pond Life and Find the Epic Duck Hidden Badges. Those two places were some of my first games to get on the front page.

I am a member of RBXDev, so if you want to find me, my username is Tiger.

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