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April 5, 2017 at 9:58 PM

Egg Hunt 2017 – EBR Guide

By TigerCode

Editors: Wegggieninja

It’s been awhile since I’ve written something for RoGo, but I figured since this egg took multiple steps to complete, I’d throw together a little guide. With pictures.

Here’s a simple guide to the most complex egg this year. It takes multiple steps to complete, so I wasn’t able to fit this in the egg tracker, so individual tutorial it is! If there’s any confusion, hit me up on Twitter (@Tiger12289) so I can clarify the information.

Enough babbling on so that the article’s formatting looks good on the homepage. Let’s get on with the tutorial!

Stratosphere Outpost

The origin of our quest begins at the Light Bass, a *ahem* juice bar. Inside, you’ll find a group of strangers sitting around a table. Talk to one of them and they’ll rant on about some crystal hidden in a vault. Intriguing, right? I know most of you are here for the egg, so I’ll skip the lore. Head behind the group and you find a mounted fish with a number dial on it. Click the buttons until the numbers read 354. This will cause a nearby crate to rotate open, revealing a ladder with a secret hideout. Jump on down.

Downstairs, you’ll find a journal. Open it up and READ EVERYTHING. You must read everything to move on. After reading a few pages, it will say the stranger headed to the World of Tomorrow. Away we go!

World of Tomorrow

Walk along the path until you see some glowing pink mushrooms. Follow them and you’ll come across a very sneaky cave opening.

Inside, you’ll find the crazy stranger talking about crazy things. However, you will see numbers flash onto your screen. The numbers read out 662903111. Type in that ID and it will lead to a decal which further leads to Mr. gs_53791cflioqpkfoe’s profile. The user’s bio reads:

Congratulations on finding your way here, adventurer! The next clue awaits you in the big blue, where the sun never shines, and a creature that is neither man, nor fish, struggles to see who he truly is.

That seems like a clue to me! Grab your scuba gear and head off to Abyssal Plains!

Abyssal Plains

From the spawn, follow the right side of the wall. This will take you to the area with a yellow and red submarine. Jump into the super safe trench with floating mine balls to the left and look for a skull-shaped cave filled with gold.

Inside you’ll find Sigmund the Handsome Merman. He’ll cry about losing his mirror and stuff and dropping it near a pyramid in the desert.

The Timeless Desert

Head to the pyramid and look around the entrance for a mirror. This is fairly straight forward and I can’t provide an exact location since it’s different for every person.

Once you find the mirror, head back to Sigmund. He’ll thank you and mention that he has a friend named Alrune that’s located in Northern Antarctica.

Northern Antarctica

Standing at spawn and facing the village, head to the top left corner of the map. Head down there and you’ll see Gandalf–I mean Alrune, sitting next  next to a fire. Go up and talk to him. He will give you three riddles that you must type in the answer.

Luckily, I have the answers for you!

  1.      Mirror
  2.      Tree
  3.      Volcano

Once you solve his riddles, he’ll tell you about some magic people in Mount Ignis. Leave quickly, because the longer you stay in this world, the more annoying that fog horn will become.

Mount Ignis

Once you are relieved from the horrid fog horn, head to the lava lake opposite from the entrance of the volcano. In the lake, you’ll find an area with three stepping stones. You’ll find a secret door similar to the one in the World of Tomorrow. Open it up and head inside.

Inside you’ll find the magic dudes. Talk to the guy in front of the lava hole and he will explain that someone stole their crystal and they want it back. They said it’s in the Light Bass. Return back to the bar.

Stratosphere Outpost x2

Inside the bar, speak to the bartender and he will admit that he stole the crystal. He will give you the key to the vault. Open the hideout door again and head to the locker in the back. Use the key to open the vault, which will reveal a dead Marty McFly(?) and a glowing orange crystal. Take the crystal and return to the heat.

Mount Ignis x2

Speak to the magic dudes again and they will thank you. They will then proceed to tell you to travel to the Temple of Fire and jump into their pit of doom. YOLO it. You’ll die, but it turns out that the phrase YOLO is actually a lie and you will be teleported to another world.

Stratosphere Settlement

Stratosphere Settlement is an EBR build from a couple years ago. Except in here, it’s a tad different. It’s covered in transparent figures, giant floating voids, and an eerie red lighting. Ignore the horror and head to the town hall. Head to the back and you’ll find what you’re looking for: the EBR egg. Tap it and you’ll be teleported out.

Ta da! You did it. Besides that dreaded 42 egg (and potentially the Tesla egg if you aren’t lucky), this has to be the most time consuming egg of this entire hunt.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. I don’t plan on doing any more tutorials this year for the hunt, but if you’re having problems, your friends at RoGo hooked you up with a tracker which provides brief instructions on collecting the eggs. I just felt this egg needed a more in-depth instructions.

 With that, have a great time hunting these eggs. I really enjoyed this year’s hunt and I’m looking forward for next year’s hunt.