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January 25, 2017 at 1:52 PM

ROBLOX Releases Action Figures

By Wegggieninja

Hey there, RoGo readers! Recently, ROBLOX has released their very first line of action figures. This is the first time ROBLOX has done such an amazing move like releasing their very own toys, and I must say, these action figures look very good and well-made.

Each action figure set comes with a redeemable code for an exclusive item that goes along with that particular toy, so for example, redeeming Mr. Robot’s code, you will receive Mr. Backup Robot, a Hat Accessory that resembles Mr. Robot’s head. There are currently two types of ROBLOX action figures: sets and mystery boxes. Sets are the action figures in a packaged box, containing a character that you can see as well as another figure to go along in certain sets. Each package contains one redeemable code.


One of ROBLOX’s action figure sets, “Champions of Roblox.” You can buy this set for $19.99 US at Toys-R-Us and other toy stores.


Mystery boxes, on the other hand, contain 1 completely random figure and a redeemable code. There are currently 40 figures that you can receive from mystery boxes in Series 1, ranging from Noob007 to Erik.Cassel, and each costing $3.99 US. What’s even cooler is that each mystery box comes with two letters engraved on the sides, which if you have all the letters, you can spell “ROBLOX.” My personal favorite action figure from Series 1 and from mystery boxes is Let’s Make a Deal, as I’m a (formerly super rich :P) trader and it’s the only figure to contain a bonus redeemable code along with its main code, but it’s super rare to get that bonus code. If you manage to find the bonus code, you can get this sweet and super rare GoldLika: ROBLOX Front Accessory:

At the time of writing this article, GoldLika: ROBLOX only has 8 owners. That’s really insane!


Well, that’s all for today’s article! Let us know in the comments if you currently own any action figures, and if you don’t, let us know which ones you want to get! If you wish to learn more about ROBLOX’s new action figures, click here. If you want to know which figures give which exclusive items, check out my very own Reddit post here. Thanks for reading!