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December 6, 2016 at 12:34 PM

ROBLOX Releases Accessories

By Wegggieninja

Hey there, RoGo readers! Recently, ROBLOX has updated the Catalog with a new kind of item called Accessories. These items are updated versions of Hats for the new R15 body type and the classic R6 body type. Accessories are organized into 8 different categories: Hats, Hair, Face, Neck, Shoulder, Front, Back, and Waist. These new Hats “snap” to your character’s body so instead of, for example, wings floating behind you and bobbing up and down, they are attached to your character’s back. During the Black Friday Sale of 2016, ROBLOX released the first ever face Accessories, and have been releasing/updating more Hats ever since. Old Hats have been updated and future Hats will be classified as an Accessory.

Shinestone Shades: Ruby Radiance, the first ever face Accessory released by ROBLOX.


I personally don’t mind this change, and to be honest, I kind of like this update. One of the reasons why ROBLOX is implementing this change is to make classification for Avatar items easier to distinguish from each other, so if you wanted to find something that would go on your back, such as wings, you could go to the Catalog and view the special category called Back and you would find everything that goes on your character’s back, all in one place. Another reason for this feature is to correct the placement of certain Hats, as I mentioned in the beginning of this article. This will fix the issue with some Hats regarding animations of a player, whether they are walking or idle.


A side-by-side comparison of what Accessories look like on your character (left) and what the old Hats looked like on your character (right).


What are your opinions on this new change? RoGo would like to know!

If you wish to view ROBLOX’s blog post on this change, please visit this link: