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October 1, 2016 at 5:08 PM

ROBLOX Releases New R15 Avatar

By Sir_Jack

Editors: Wegggieninja and Fly10101


Hello, RoGo readers! ROBLOX has officially released the beta version of the new R15 avatar, a new version of the original avatar made up of 15 parts, to all users. With the new R15 ROBLOX avatar, your ROBLOXian will now seem more animated and lively as opposed to the R6 version of the ROBLOXian, which as the name suggests, was made up of only 6 parts. Interested on this change and what’s to come in the future?  Well, you’re in the right place.

The new R15 avatar introduces an assortment of movements to the R6 ROBLOXian, while staying true to the blocky ROBLOX theme. Some of the movements introduced include elbows and knees, as well as head movements and a more realistic jump animation.

A side by side comparison of the R6 avatar and the new R15 avatar. Users have the choice on whether or not to stick with the R6 avatar or become an R15 user.

In order to play as an R15 ROBLOX avatar in-game, the game creator must have R15 enabled for players. Developers have the choice on whether to allow players to be R15, or stick to the classic R6 avatar.

Here’s a R15 demo game, along with a couple of games that currently have R15 enabled for all players:

ROBLOX is currently working on making sure all hats, body packages and gear work and look good on the R15  avatar, so as development goes deeper on the R15, more and more items will begin to work with the R15.

What do you think of the R15 ROBLOX avatar? Do you prefer R6 or R15 avatars? Be sure to let us know below, and thanks for reading!