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April 1, 2016 at 4:03 PM

Interview with BigGranny000

By Sir_Jack

Editors: Cryaot1c and Dornbaum


Hello, RoGo readers! Recently, I had the privilege to interview  BigGranny000, a ROBLOX YouTuber with over 26,000 subscribers. He’s a part of the new YouTube collaboration channel Quadlee.

BigGranny000 primarily creates ROBLOX-related videos, but he occasionally branches out into other games, such as Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto V. Check out his YouTube channel by clicking here. Without further ado, let’s get into the questions.

Sir_Jack: When you first started Youtube, did you ever expect to get as big as you have?

BigGranny000: I never was expecting to grow as large as I did, even though I’m still considered small, whatever happens to my size, I enjoy doing my job on YouTube and entertaining people, no matter how big or small it is. It’s awesome being successful because in the future I can just run YouTube as a lifetime job. I also want to launch more channels in the future for fitness and technology, and soon I want to expand the variety in my videos.

Sir_Jack: Is there a ROBLOX YouTuber who inspired you to begin producing ROBLOX related content?

BigGranny000: When I first started YouTube I actually just wanted to make racing and gaming videos, then I started showing off what I build in ROBLOX, started some tutorials which did fairly well and gameplays. Other than that, I inspired myself. I always looked at other ROBLOX YouTubers to see what I could improve on.

Sir_Jack: What are your current goals as far as YouTube and ROBLOX go?

BigGranny000: By the end of this year, I want to reach 100,000 subscribers and grow enough to the point where I use YouTube as a job for the rest of my life. You know how much fun that would be? It would be amazing, I would look forward to it everyday, and my fans would love it as well. On ROBLOX, I am a skilled builder but I do not program. I hope to help develop good games someday, but I just need to find some good coders.

Sir_Jack: What content can we expect to see on your channel in the coming months?

BigGranny000: In the coming months? I’ll be continuing what I’m doing, hopefully expand my content to machinimas, more tutorials, montages, etc. Although Let’s Plays are the easiest to do and seem to do the best (depending on the game), I try to take advantage of what does well which leads to my success.

Sir_Jack: What advice do you have for ROBLOX players looking to begin doing YouTube videos of their own?

BigGranny000: Be unique, don’t be like the others who use the ROBLOX Recorder and Notepad, cherish your fan base, because they’ll make you grow, and interact with your fan base. Most people like my channel because they feel like they matter because I respond to many as comments as I can. Repeat what does well. For example, when my tutorials started doing well, I did more tutorials, so therefore I grew more. Then Miner’s Haven blew up my channel, I did a lot of Miner’s Haven videos. YouTube Analytics ARE IMPORTANT! Always look at them, take feedback SERIOUSLY. I recommend making high-quality videos which most people don’t care as long as it’s at least 720p and somewhat smooth, and have a good microphone and no background noise. The first turn-off for your audience is bad sound quality. It’s very hard to start out, but once you get that spark, use it to light a fire, and add more fuel to that fire.

A HUGE thank you to BigGranny000 for taking the time to do this interview, and also a huge thank you to you for reading. See you soon!

Click here for BigGranny000′s YouTube

Click here for Big Granny000′s ROBLOX