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April 3, 2016 at 3:44 AM

Articles Submitted by YOU!

By Zaqre

Editors: Wegggieninja and Dornbaum

This article is for those who wish to create amazing content and have it featured here on the RoGo website.


Have you ever wanted to become a RoGo employee but felt that the hiring process takes too long and have always wished to be an Editor, Author, or Fashion Analyst? Well, here is your chance to be an unofficial Author with RoGo!

While many of you reading this may have already submitted your work, the only problem is that not many people know how to format their work so we can officially publish it.

To get more information on becoming an unofficial/official Author with RoGo, please read this article here.

There are a few things that we need in order to publish your submitted article:

  1. It HAS to be a decent length (At least 4 paragraphs is what I would recommend).
  2. It NEEDS to have images (If the article is an editorial, then it does not have to include images, but for things like game reviews and clothing reviews, images are highly recommended). 
    • Please use services like:
      •  ROBLOX screenshot tool (Print Scrn)
      • Gyzo
      • Lightshot
      • Imgur
  3. We highly recommend that you tell us exactly how you want the article to look. For more information on this, please read the article on Community Written Articles (
  4. If you plan on being an Author or Editor here at RoGo, this might be an early start on writing for RoGo, and who knows, it might help you get hired since we know how well you can create articles without given full access to all the tools.

If you have ANY other questions about formatting your article before submitting it, feel free to message me, Zaqre, for any help that may be needed.