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March 24, 2016 at 6:34 PM

Eggcellent Adventure 2016

By httpAbbey

Editors: Gamerdude5

httpAbbey here with ANOTHER special article. Every year, ROBLOX hosts their annual Easter event. In previous years such as 2013 and 2014, the ROBLOX community loved the event, having a unique atmosphere and enjoyable game-play with the chance to win exclusive hats for your avatar. Last year, the developers took over the event, putting an Easter twist on their popular games such as Ripull Minigames and Twisted Murderer. This year, they’re back at it again with the original games, and I’m here to give you an overview on the event and the eggs.

The Place

The place that this fabulous event is being held at is a purpose built, user built place from masterbayblade21. It is an amazing place filled with beautiful Easter Island scenery and creepy, mysterious caves. There are lots of places in the world in which you can hunt down the eggs, including a PVP battle arena and even underwater.

Many people worked on this marvelous place, here are the credits;

Here are also some pictures of some of the areas within the game!







This year, we have an array of new eggs and a return of a couple old favourites. These eggs are collectible in a variety of different ways, from helping a farmer with his jobs or battling the mean ‘Eggstructor’ in a game of dodge-ball, there is a marvelous range of quests to embark on. Also, there are a few teamwork eggs, such as the Fiery Dreggon Egg and Egg of Four Wonders, so partner up with your friends or work as a team in your server to earn these eggs. Picture credit to masterbayblade21 + Team.



This year we see the return of an old favourite of the Faberge Egg, which first made it debut in 2010 and has been a favourite ever since.  We have the Rainberge Egg and the Fabrainz Egg both found in the Graveyard. Pictures from gamerdude5 – Manager!



Also, we see the appearance of another Admin Egg. Last year the aim with this egg was to join a server with an admin who had the hat which spawned the egg. Every 5 minutes the admin could spawn an egg which the players had to rush to achieve. This admin only hat was later released on sale for the price of 100,000 ROBUX. Yet again they have released this egg, with the same principles just a completely new look. This egg is decorated with traditional Easter colours and patterns, with the ROBLOX ‘R’ Logo breaking through the shell. You can purchase the ears which spawn this egg here. Also, there is the introduction of a new Mini Eggmin Shoulder Pet, which is a cute little egg the same as the Eggmin Egg and is spawned with another set of ears, priced at 10,000 ROBUX. You can purchase them here.


We have two very special gear which can help when you are trying to obtain certain eggs, here are what they do.

Firstly, we have the Categgpult. This gear which is priced at 800 ROBUX is the ONLY way in which you can gain the Tabby Egg. This gear launches a Tabby bomb which explodes and spawns multiple black cats, but there is a chance of the Tabby Egg hidden amongst the black cats. However this can damage players. You can buy the gear here!

Also, we have the Champion Egg Beater Sword. This gear which is priced at 250 ROBUX can increase your chances of having the Organic Egg drop from a player in a PVP battle, and is a replacement for the normal sword. You can purchase it here!

RoGO Egg Tracker

Every Easter we bring out our Egg Tracker to keep you on top of all of the eggs, including special abilities and how to obtain them. This tracker is super handy for helping you if you don’t know how to obtain an egg or you don’t know where it’s hidden.

Visit the RoGO Egg Tracker here!!

I hope you enjoyed this exclusive article on the ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2016! What are your thoughts on the Egg Hunt, put your ideas in the comments section below. Bye for now!