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March 27, 2016 at 6:15 AM

Economic Reasoning of Tickets being Discontinued

By Zaqre

Editors: Cryaot1c, Wegggieninja, Kingempoleon and Sparker22

Please read into the blog post by ROBLOX here.

Some things that you should know is that every Ticket, or Tix as we call it, competes with the ROBUX portion of the economy. Thus, since games have become more popular, every ticket earned slightly degrades ROBUX.

This is what I mean by degrading the Tix or Ticket:

Every place visit grants 1 Ticket. A million place visits is therefore a million Tickets. For that million tickets to exist (based on a 17.000 TCR*), it takes 59,000 R$ to keep those Tickets worth something. And over time, as this community grows, the demand to keep the Ticket worthy becomes harder.

Let’s do a bit more math. On average, the top games make around 200K+ Tix a week. If we base our TCR rates back at 17.000, and we have 15 games that are constantly on the popular page, we will be spending through our R$ purchases here on ROBLOX, which is 12,000 R$ to keep 1 game up in a sense. What do I mean? Those Tix are most likely used for ads or just saved up.

Yes, people do use the trade currency, but as time has gone by, the demand for Tix to equal 1 R$ has gone up dramatically. Back in 2008, the rates used to be around 10.000, now the rates are very close to 20.000 (averaging 17.000 – 19.999). That is basically double the amount of Tickets needed to get one little R$.

Now back to the top 15 popular games. One game earns 200k (204,000) Tix in a week, roughly 12,000 R$, to keep Tix valuable. We have 15 games: 204,000 Tix earned in a week * 15 games = 2,856,000 Tix. 2,856,000 Tickets a WEEK will roughly be given to game creators. Meaning, it takes 168,000 R$ to keep the VALUE of those 2.8 million Tickets until they are either used or put back into the ROBLOX economy in some way.

If we take 168,000 and multiply it by 52 weeks (1 year), we get 8,736,000 R$, which is needed to help balance out the demand for Tix from those games. If we really want to see a big difference, as there are constantly always popular games, let’s multiply our last number by 3 to give a very rough example of what it costs in 3 years to keep Tix their value. That would be 8,736,000 R$ in one year to keep Tix their value * 3 years = 26,208,000 R$ in total that was needed to keep Tix their value. But remember, ROBLOX earns more game visits a day, and has way more games earning way more Tix.

This is just a very small scale to show you how much it costs to keep 15 games that earn just 200k visits a week, and how much it costs to keep the money’s value over the course of 4 years (52 weeks then + 3 years = 4 years).

If you would like to see how much money that is:

Current Exchange Rates:

100,000 Robux for $250 USD
250,000 Robux for $625 USD
500,000 Robux for $1,250 USD
1,000,000 Robux for $2,500 USD
2,000,000 Robux for $5,000 USD
4,000,000 Robux for $10,000 USD
10,000,000 Robux for $25,000 USD
20,000,000 Robux for $50,000 USD

This money could have had $50,000+ Real World Money, but instead, it’s going to keep the value of the Tix.

Now, this is not the only other reason that Tix will be going away. Let me put it this way: Would you play a ROBLOX game which has their own economy in-game and offers FREE money to spend within that game? The answer is yes, but then the issue is that the players want more money or easier ways of earning said money.

What ROBLOX is trying to do is to balance out their economy, giving R$ the highest value. While yes, in order to get R$, you will have to depend on making amazing games or purchases, you will be stuck with no money to spend. ROBLOX’s goal is to make the game about developers (not top developers) but developers who wish to create amazing games and share them. This is basically like STEAM. You will NOT get all the features unless you put forth something in return.

ROBLOX has made it where you can STILL create, play, and dream on FOR FREE. But if you want the really cool, unique items, you have to at least offer a fair trade. That’s done through making a kick BLOX game or by purchasing them.

Yes, not everyone can create amazing games, but that is because ROBLOXian’s over the years have become lazy and don’t feel like putting time or effort into anything. They just expect free things.

Though, ROBLOX will lose money because players are leaving. No, this update gets RID of that. The economy will strictly be ran on R$ and TIX will have no more influence.

There are some things that you should be aware of, one of which is that ROBLOX does plan on replacing the login reward system with another reward system based on activity.

What are your thoughts about this major change in ROBLOX history? What are your concerns? How do you think this will affect ROBLOX in the future? 

*Trade Currency Rate