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March 18, 2016 at 7:27 PM

Saying Goodbye to Tickets!?

By httpAbbey

Editors: Wegggieninja, Ali0426, Gamerdude5 and Zaqre

httpAbbey here with some interesting news. Earlier this week a post was created on the ROBLOX blog stating the removal of the popular Tickets payment. Everyone is familiar with tickets. You earn 10 per day for logging onto the site and is a form of payment for most clothing and even some hats. Now, why are they doing this? What will they put in place of this? Is anything else happening? Well, I am here to put this all to rest and give you the low-down on this extremely controversial topic in the ROBLOX community and forums.

Why are they doing this?

  • To stop people botting for currency to transfer over to their main account.
  • To stop people only logging in and visiting the site for the daily payment.

What are they doing to compensate?

  • But, some players argue that new players will not be able to customize their character at all unless they purchase Builder’s Club or ROBUX.
  • 5 new hats have entered the ROBLOX catalog completely free of charge, and more are being added throughout a un-named period of time.
  • They also have released a new starter package, both male and female.
  • This is to pave the way for their idea of a “community driven catalog” consisting of hats, gear and packages alongside the already community driven shirts and pants.
  • Also, they announced the introduction of an achievement system which will give players tasks to do in order to receive a gift or other reward.

But what about the Clothing Community?

  • With the removal of these tickets, we may see a downfall in the amount of sales as people may or will have less money to spend on the clothing items.
  • After years of the designer community posting forum after forum on the price floor, they finally introduced a new price floor alongside the removal of tickets.
  • Instead of paying 10 ROBUX on a item of clothing, the price floor is now 5 ROBUX.

If you have been following any ROBLOX admins or ROBLOX itself on Twitter, you may have seen the new R15 character in production and development. With a completely new primary package with new body parts and joints, comes a new template. As for the new opportunities, we may see some features that will enable rising clothing designers who produce quality clothing get the publicity they need to expand.  As for existing clothing products, any shirts, t-shirts or pants which are sold for tickets and ROBUX will be changed to just ROBUX (the amount at which you set this product to be sold at for ROBUX will stay the same). Items which are being sold for just tickets will have their items exchanged at the rate 1 ROBUX for every 17 tickets.

Where will the Tickets go?

On the blog they state that players have 30 days to use their tickets on either the commemorative items (explained later), clothing or trading them in using the soon-to-be-discontinued currency trading system. After this you will not be able to use your tickets and they will be removed from the site.


  • Developers and game owners will not receive 1 ticket per game visit (10 tickets per Builders Club) game visits.
  • They also are planning to allow the community and developers to create hats, packages and gear. This would all be checked by ROBLOX before being put on sale with their decided price for the hat (yet to be fully confirmed).
  • Advertisements and / or sponsorship’s are going to be ROBUX only. You cannot spend your tickets on advertisements and / or sponsorship’s.
  •  They created a new email ( which ‘you to submit your up and coming games to. These submissions will be reviewed by our marketing team and submissions that meet our editorial standards could end up in the featured games sort. 
  • We also have been told that they have plans to ‘expose additional stats on best-selling products so devs have better insight into what is performing well.

So what has already happened?

  • Before this, every-time someone visited your place, you earned 1 ticket or 10 tickets if it was a builders club place. This has now been discontinued and the only way to earn money from games is in-game purchases and game-passes.
  • They have also already removed the log in bonus, so you will no longer be receiving currency when you log in.
  • Hurray! The price floor has already been put in place, so users are now able to change the price of their items to 5 ROBUX if they wish.
  • The first ‘gifts’ have appeared on the ROBLOX catalog soon.

What is going to happen?

  • Soon, in 30 days, you will be unable to exchange your tickets to ROBUX or vice versa, so if you are planning on keeping your tickets and not spending them, I suggest you exchange them to ROBUX!
  • User ads will be available for purchase in ROBUX only.
  • You will no longer be able to sell clothing items in tickets. As I said in the designers section, clothing will be transferred to all ROBUX automatically.
  • Tickets will no longer be visible or usable.

What are these Commemorative items?

  • They unveiled a month long release of ticket themed items which are available for purchase in tickets only.
  • They have revamped classic roblox hats such as the Dominus, Domino Crown, Banded Top Hat, Lord of the Federation and many more, narrowing down to caps, beanies and visors.
  • Stay tuned for a release every day from March 15th to April 13th!

I hope you enjoyed this exclusive article! What are your views on the new changes? Post your ideas and views in the comments below! Bye for now!