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January 2, 2016 at 7:12 PM

Top 5 ROBLOX Games that have stood the test of time

By Sir_Jack

Editors: Cryaot1c, Wegggieninja, Dornbaum and Wafflzdude


Hi, everybody! Ever since ROBLOX was released in 2005, there have been thousands and thousands of games that have been published every year by players all around the world. Very few have not only remained relevant, but act as ROBLOX cultural icons that are easily recognized and beloved. This article will be showcasing these front page games that deserve to be recognized.

NOTE: This list is in no particular order.

Natural Disaster Survival

1. Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke

Since the game’s creation in 2008, this game by well-known ROBLOX developer Stickmasterluke has pulled in well with over 53 million visits.

The game is quite simple, yet fun. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, volcanoes, and storms occur on a randomly generated map, and it’s your goal to find a safe place and survive each disaster. You can find RoGo’s review of this game here.

Work at a Pizza Place

2. Work at a Pizza Place by Dued1

At this point, you’d have to be blind to have not at least HEARD of this game.  Ever since it was first conceived in 2008, Dued1‘s game as accumulated over 96 million visits.

Like Stickmasterluke‘s Natural Disaster Survival, the game’s title is rather self explanatory. You work at a Pizza Place. There are multiple jobs,  such as cashier, cook, manager, etc. Feel free to check out RoGo’s original review of this game here, or the new version covering the major overhaul of the game that took place in 2014 here.

Flood Escape

3. Flood Escape by crazyblox

Although this game opened later than most games featured in this article, it’s held a steady place on the front page since it’s creation in 2010.

In Flood Escape, you’re spawned in a map that will slowly rise with water after you spawn. Your goal is to jump from obstacle from obstacle to get to the doors and escape the flood. Racking up just over 21 million visits since the time of it’s creation to now,  Flood Escape is a must play game for people looking for a fun, yet challenging game.


Sword Fighting Tournament

4. Sword Fighting Tournament by TheGamer101

TheGamer101′s Sword Fighting Tournament is as simple in concept as it sounds, but brings forth a difficult strategy to master.  It has pulled in over 32 million visits, and definitely earns its place on this list.

In Sword Fighting Tournament, you fight against other players in assorted match types such as 1v1, 2v2, and Juggernaut. For every match you win, you’re given credits which can be used to purchase swords and power-ups to enhance your gameplay.

Catalog Heaven

5. Catalog Heaven by Seranok

Of course we can’t forget about Seranok’s hit game Catalog Heaven. With an astounding 46 million visits since 2010, this game surely will not disappoint.

Catalog Heaven allows you to test out nearly every item that ROBLOX currently has in the Catalog for free. It’s regularly updated, so it keeps up-to-date with the new items. Not much can be said about this game, since it’s fairly simple. How about you go play it for yourself?

So there it is, the Top 5 ROBLOX Games that have stood the test of time. Have a game that you think should of made the list? Be sure to leave a comment below. See you soon!