RoGo Magazine - Reason 2 Die : Awakening (Demo) – Humble Beginnings


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December 17, 2015 at 8:32 PM

Reason 2 Die : Awakening (Demo) – Humble Beginnings

By Calirolls

Editors: Wegggieninja, Kingempoleon and Ali0426


It’s pretty shocking if you haven’t heard of PlaceRebuilder, or his magnum opus, Reason 2 Die. The game has been a staple for the zombie genre in ROBLOX, achieving over 23 millions visits! Not to mention the game has taken many new ROBLOX features head-on, such as controller support. But, as updates got less and less frequent, excitement for a breath of fresh air became rampant, and the hype was for Reason 2 Die: Awakening, the next game in the series of R2D.

Now, while the game definitely, and I mean DEFINITELY, isn’t nearly as fleshed out as R2D is at the moment, it still gives us a look at what is to come for R2D:A. Now, let’s dig into the…



Odds are, if you’ve ever played Reason 2 Die before, you won’t be too surprised by the gameplay. While the base formula stays the same, everything is much more cartoon like than the original game. Zombies are now in brighter colors, and most maps are more vibrant than in the original game. Slight tweaks to earning currency, like zombies dropping coins instead of getting the money on a kill, is more satisfying than it was in R2D. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, not by a long shot. As of now, first person mode is pretty much broken, with aiming down the sights constantly glitching and the FOV being a headache. And although this doesn’t relate to the gameplay directly, the creator is already offering a 165 ROBUX purchase of a bazooka, but just for the time the demo lasts, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth of what is to come.

The amount of content is also lacking, but that’s to be expected from a demo, where nothing is perfect. There have also been some occurrences where the hit detection has been slightly buggy, but it tends to happen hardly at all.


I definitely enjoyed the game myself when playing it. Even at an early stage, it’s still a blast to shoot zombies and even play as one. I never felt the need to grind for better weapons, as the default ones felt just fine and plenty powerful when in use, but as the amount of weapons are very small, I fear this may change for the worse. I love the new upbeat and vibrant look of the new zombies and the overall more happy tone the game brings to the table. I am personally excited to see what the game has to offer as the development moves on!



Gameplay – 9/10 – The gameplay to me, at least, already trumps that of the original. Combat has gotten better overall and the less used features like melee combat no longer feel awkward like they did in the original game.

Scripting – 8.5/10 – While the scripting for players and zombies is superb, first person mode is definitely hazardous right now as it is broken in it’s current state.

Building - 9/10 – The building is much better than the original, with more detail being put into maps and making them ultimately more vibrant.

Functionality - 7/10 – This is definitely an issue I don’t want to see plaguing the game later on. I had encountered many people glitching through maps and getting easy wins due to this. First person mode is also a large issue right now, but it’s to be expected of a demo.

Verdict – 8.5/10 (AS OF 12/16/15) – I will update this verdict as/if the game improves, so don’t think this is a final verdict, it isn’t by a long shot.