RoGo Magazine - Clothing Spotlight : Cpnwimvu [Edition 4]


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March 1, 2016 at 2:52 PM

Clothing Spotlight : Cpnwimvu [Edition 4]

By httpAbbey

Editors: Cryaot1c and Dornbaum

Hello! httpAbbey here, and I am writing today to show you a designer who is a very unique face in the ROBLOX clothing community. Every month, I will be putting a ‘spotlight’ on some of ROBLOX‘s best designers, including some others rising in the community. This month we have a designer called Cpnwimvu. Her designs are one of a kind, as they are fantastically presented and available in a wide range of colors for each design. And as she says in her blurb, ‘I make basic colorful clothing for all your basic colorful needs.’ And I can totally agree.

Galaxy Hoodie (21 different colors!)

This hoodie is a staple piece for a ROBLOXians’ inventory. Not only is it unisex, but you can purchase one for every colour of the rainbow. You can have a hoodie for every single colour of pants you own, as the possibilities are endless. I would recommend pairing this with a statement hat such as a beanie or cap. Whatever your favourite colour is, she has it! Like always, this shirt is priced at 10 robux or 100 tickets.

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Skirt w/ Striped Shirt Outfit

This chic outfit is perfect for showing your style on some of ROBLOX’s runways! You can choose the perfect colour for any occasion with an impressive 23 colours to choose from. The classic white skirt with the striped top gives an amazing monochrome feel to the outfit, or you could add a pop of colour with a bright green or red skirt! And even better, the shoes correspond with the skirt colour! Talk about colour co-ordination. This fabulous piece is priced at 10 robux or 100 tickets.

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Casual Suit Combo (22 different colours!)

If you want to be a classy guy but still want to express your love of colourful things, this is just the item for you. Not only does the piece have a dashing white shirt and cream trousers, the blazers top the whole thing off. You can be bold and go with a sunny yellow or a marine blue, or play it cool with a cyan or great blazer. The choice is yours! This item is priced at 20 robux or 200 tickets as this is for both the pants and the shirt.

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Thank you for checking out this week’s Designer Spotlight. Be sure to check in next time for the next one. I hope you enjoyed this edition. Bye for now!