RoGo Magazine - Clothing Spotlight : J0VANI [Edition 2]


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December 1, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Clothing Spotlight : J0VANI [Edition 2]

By httpAbbey

Editors: Cryaot1c, Chequeredflag1, Wegggieninja, Gamerdude5 and Dornbaum

Hello! httpAbbey here, and I am writing today to show you a designer who is well known within the ROBLOX fashion community. It is well worth it for you to check out her designs. Every month, I will be putting a ‘spotlight’ on some of ROBLOX‘s best designers, including some rising designers. This month, I have selected a wonderful designer by the name of J0VANI, a designer who is well-known for her sublime dresses. She has pages and pages of amazing pieces of clothing for every occasion, from summer dresses to formal attire. She has clothing that can suit your every need. Here are a few of my favorites from her newer creations.

Loving You All Over Again Overalls – 3 Different Colours

This exquisite piece is the perfect item of clothing for your inventory. It is simple, yet perfect for any occasion. This outfit consists of a white shirt with a black grid on it which has no sleeves. It also has a cute set of pastel colored overalls, either in pastel blue, pastel pink, or lilac. These overalls are short, so they are more like shorts rather than traditional overalls. This item can be paired with your favorite pair of extensions or with a nice blazer, for more formal occasions. This is priced at 10 ROBUX or 100 Tickets. d9cfb00db8636b204a8d4d8f35aa0928 26d0ebaa4391582192575c1756dacd72 f117beedbfbff15e0a67be97a61ae47a

B&W Life Is Like A Childhood Dream – 2 Different Colours

This item is perfect for people who want something that is formal yet have a pop of colour. This piece of clothing consists of a black shirt with white details and a cropped white lace trim, or a white shirt with black details and a cropped black lace trim. Both of these come with cute light purple shorts, for that added touch. These also are sold at 10 robux or 100 tickets.

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Spring Nights Top with White Shorts – 4 Different Colours

This item of clothing is perfect for any occasion as they can be worn at formal events, or just for playing games and hanging around with your friends. This fabulous piece consists of a cropped shirt with a ruffle bottom, and a cute pair of white shorts. For the added touch, this piece has a multi-coloured bold floral statement necklace. There are four different colours of shirt that you can buy: pink, black, mint green, and periwinkle blue. Yet again, this item is priced at 10 robux and 100 tickets.

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Thank you for checking out this week’s Designer Spotlight. Be sure to check in next time for the next Designer Spotlight. I hope you enjoyed this edition. Bye for now!