RoGo Magazine - Clothing Spotlight : Grotesquette [Edition 1]


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November 1, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Clothing Spotlight : Grotesquette [Edition 1]

By httpAbbey

Editors: Zaqre and Kingempoleon

Hello! httpAbbey here, and I am writing today to show you a designer who has been rising in popularity over the last year or so, and it is well worth it for you to check out her designs. Every month I will be putting a spotlight on some of ROBLOX’s best designers, including some rising designers.

This month we have Grotesquette, a more alternative designer. She owns a group called Eerie Designs with over six thousand members. Her designs are unique compared to some designers. Some of her designs come in two pieces, creating a fabulous two-piece outfit, which goes great with many different hats. Here are three of her recent designs. Be sure to check them out.  

Brooke Candy Couture Set

One of her most recent designs, this set comes in two pieces. The pants consist of a neatly pleated baby pink skirt with high heeled boots which have a pink sole. The shirt consists of a long sleeved baby pink crop top with the word “Candy” on it. Also, it comes with a heart choker to complete the set. On the crop top it has the letter “C” dotted over it in a slightly darker pink which give another layer to the shirt. It also has amazing shading, just like her other clothing. At a cheap 200 Tix, it is a great outfit for people who like alternative sets or just want to experiment.


Ariana Grande Focus Outfit

This outfit is perfect for Ariana Grande fans. It consists of a short bodysuit, with no sleeves and an exposed back, to mimic the outfit that Ariana wore. The bodysuit is covered with different sizes of stars, which give a nice look to it. It also has fishnet tights and high heeled boots with stars on with white soles, again to mimic what Ariana wore. This outfit is only pants so you can pair it with your favourite hair extensions for that added touch. It only cost 100 Tix so get yours today!


Lace Top – 3 Different Colours

These three lace tops are the perfect inventory piece. With their two coloured, simplistic design, they can be paired with almost anything. You can wear them with jeans for a more dressed down look, or a skirt for a more formal approach. The shading on these are fabulous and shows that Grotesquette really has an eye for detail. They come in three colours: black with white lace, baby blue with white lace and baby pink with white lace. These tops are priced at 100 Tix, so you should get one for your inventory as they are a worthwhile piece of clothing to have.


Thank you for checking out this week’s Designer Spotlight. Be sure to check in next time for the next Designer Spotlight. I hope you enjoyed this edition. Bye for now!