RoGo Magazine - Clothing Review: Welcome back the mafia!


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October 25, 2015 at 12:06 PM

Clothing Review: Welcome back the mafia!

By Gidein

Editors: Cryaot1c and Zaqre

Starring the Black Casual Suit. Created by Kestrel’s very own LookedDownUpon, this item of apparel will spike the fancy of those who love to indulge themselves in the mafia role play genre, or simply want a roughed up suit to make them look like more of a BA player.

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Shirt || Pants

From first impression, the outlines are clearly defined, giving a bold and vibrant shape to the design. The shirt has a masterfully designed collar, creating a untidy but stylish look leading down to the belt, which has a lot of fine detail on it, meeting the expectations of Kestrel clothing you’d be looking for. The cuffs are appealingly small and tidy leading to the suit jack itself, which flows with a nice squared off shape. The shoes are very simple, but allow viewers to focus on the stylish design of the upper body.

The use of mixed brush widths also show the skill put into the design and the overall craftsmanship of the suit. Clean curvy shading is soothing on the eyes and avoids any harsh jagged lines or edges and doesn’t dominate or invade the colour of the suit. Each item of the outfit comes at a comforting 10 R$ or 100 Tickets allowing the user to choose either currency, although tickets would be the overall cheaper option.

A general professional look is achieved from the outfit, and would be perfect for businessmen, politicians, or even your casual Robloxian. Kestrel is known for its high quality outfits, and this suit falls nothing short of high quality. The lines are crisp and pixels are barely visible in-game, allowing the wearer to be proud of their outfit and show it off to their fellow Robloxians.  The suit has other variations in colours as well for those who want to spice up their outfits jumping into colours such as white and navy blue with variations of shirt colour with a black or even charcoal grey suit jacket.

The hat combinations are endless with this outfit as ROBLOX offers hundreds of black hats, from the original Pinstripe Fedora to the Bowler Hat. From experience, almost any male hair can be worn alongside these hats,  as long as you’re okay with some of the hair sticking out through the hat – it’s all part of the style after all.

LookedDownUpon and Kestrel have brought us another high quality item perfect for your Roblox wardrobe, and is a must buy in today’s high flyers community of suit wearing Robloxians. Wearing this suit to your favourite games is sure to make you seem a lot richer than you actually are!