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September 9, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Verbatim (Series 2, Issue 2)

By Superale24

Editors: Gamerdude5, Wegggieninja, Kingempoleon and Sparker22

Hello again! I’m Superale24 and here is Verbatim Series 2, Issue 2! Here, we discuss a wide arrange of ROBLOX-related things, like games, the Catalog, updates, and RoGo news. Enjoy!


Oh boy, were these weeks full of amazing games!


My top three favorites would be the long awaited The Stalker: Reborn (fangirl scream) by Clonetrooper1019 being at the top of my list, since I’ve been waiting for this to come out for a very long time, and I mean a LONG time! In short, there is a group of Combines trying to fight off the Stalker, a monster without mercy. You have a wide arrange of weapons and upgrades to ward off the Stalker, but he also has a few superpowers up his sleeve like wall gripping! A variety of maps makes it a different experience every time!

Speaking of waiting for something to come out for a while, another one of my favorite games this week was ROBLOX Deathrun (another fangirl scream) by Team Deathrun! This classic is all about getting to the end of a course while avoiding obstacles set off by the killer.  What more can you say about one of ROBLOX’s most famous games?

Moving on to a brand new game is Hexaria by Team Hexaria! (In reality it’s just Hexaria but I thought it was a username and in order to make it easy for you, loyal readers, I’ve added the word “Team.” You’re welcome.) In this turn-based MMORPG, (that’s Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game for those who are bad at acronyms, like me) you get to fight off fellow players and NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) using a variety of cards that contain traps, power-ups, and weapons. Once you get into it, it’s hard to stop!


Some other popular games this week were Lumber Tycoon 2 by previous ROBLOX intern Defaultio and Bird Simulator by Avian Skies.


Only 1 new Limited this week that was not part of the sale, following the Merely’s Hoverboard series: Merely’s Bluesteel Hoverboard.

Also, the Labor Day sale is up and running! Oh boy! On 9/4/15 for a limited time, several antlers came back on sale! Of course, they cost an insane amount so few people had a chance to snag them. Various items also came back on sale such as WorkClock Shades, being the most prominent. There was also a “Squid Family Reunion,” where you could get every hat of the Tentacles Family at a discount until being off-sale forever! After that followed Fedora Day, where numerous fedoras were either discounted or recently added. Then, as always, they went off-sale.


ROBLOX has released a sponsored event, this time to promote the movie Hotel Transylvania 2. You can snag either a Drac Bat from Beach House Roleplay or (what I think is the best of the 2) Count On The Collar from Roblox’s Top Model.

ROBLOX also sponsored Disney Infinity 3.0 with Dodgeball by Alexnewtron and Work At A Pizza Place by Dued1. Out of the two sponsorships, I believe that this one is the best. Not only are the games good, but I really like the design of the (hat) you get from Dodgeball. Go check both of them out in the sidebar!

The Endless Summer Livestream was also a big ROBLOX event this week, I’ll let InsanelyLuke’s Article give you more details!

Remember, if you want to see even more ROBLOX updates, check out our News Bits! You can also find them on the sidebar of our website and by following Rogo’s twitter: @RoGoMagazine!


Red is looking gorgeous as always.

Image provided by the overseer, gamerdude5.

As I mentioned above, check out InsanelyLuke’s article for more info about the Endless Summer Livestream and Labor Day sale! Then, watch the RoGo blog closely for a review on a new front page game by yours truly!


In this section, I will add RoGo fan art made by you guys! It can be anything, from our logo with cool added details, or a picture of our glorious Red The Red Panda! Just tweet your pic using the hashtag #RoGoFanart and I will see it! There will usually be 2-3 pictures per Verbatim and you can either use a computer program like or draw it by hand. Happy drawing!

Well, that’s all folks! Thanks for tuning in to the second Series 2 Verbatim! I hope you enjoyed this new type of article and I appreciate feedback! Should I add another topic? Let me know! Again, thanks for reading and remember: Praise Red! Until next time, ciao!