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September 12, 2015 at 12:00 PM

RoGo Staff Summer Game Picks!

By Superale24

Editors: Cryaot1c, Wegggieninja, Gamerdude5, Mirthmaker, Kingempoleon and Wafflzdude

Hello readers! Superale24 here to bring you a special article, where our devilishly handsome staff (as our manager, gamerdude5, puts it) have volunteered to share their favorite games of the summer, whether it’s a new top hit or a classic they played again and again! We hope that you try out these games too, and enjoy the article!


Pick by: FluffyViloxus

Tradelands is very immersive RPG where you are either a swashbuckling pirate, or an aspiring merchant of the seas. The tutorial shows you the basic structure of the game. I’m not sure what the goal is, but my personal goal is to get the biggest, fastest ship and become a high level rich merchant!

With a very clever cargo/trading system, you can earn the currency of doubloons by buying cargo from one port, and sailing to sell it at another. This game gives you various things to work towards, like building the biggest ship, becoming very rich, or just to be a crafting master! It is really no wonder why it became a front page game. It may not look like much from the thumbnail, but once you get into it, it’ll be hard to stop!


Pick by: WafflzDude

Where do I begin on Apocalypse Rising?  I spent waaay too much time on this game, but regardless, time well spent. It’s a really enjoyable survival/PvE/PvP game that everybody probably already knows about. Apocalypse Rising has that simple, blocky feel to it, but with some recent updates, they’ve added rain and overall ambient improvements. It almost distracts you from everyone who’s out to kill you – almost. Apocalypse Rising is by far my personal favorite game. Just don’t track me down – I’d prefer you don’t do that.

Finally, here’s a huge review by our manager gamerdude5 (<3)


Pick by: Gamerdude5

One game I had a lot of fun playing this summer was Mashables, a hide and seek game with a creative twist.

The way the game works is that you join (of course), then you are selected to build a certain part of the monster (the seeker), and whatever you build is now a piece of the monster. After that, the players vote on one of eight maps to play in. Then the game starts. One of the players is selected to be the monster, which can run fast and jump high to catch hiders. The rest of the players have to hide somewhere in the map and avoid being caught by the monster. If a player is caught (touched) by the monster, they are captured and sent to jail. The jail is in a different spot depending on which map is chosen, and looks just like a cage with a button next to it. Any player not in jail can stand on that button for five seconds in order to open the door to the jail and set the captured players free. Each player also gets a random special ability to help them evade capture, such as Sprint, Cloak, Camo, and Lunge. Some abilities are better on others on certain maps. The monster wins by capturing everyone, and the hiders win by not being in jail when the round ends.

What I enjoy about this game is that I get to show off my creativity, and then hide from the monster as it tries to shackle me in a cage. I also enjoy just hiding in general. The special abilities are fun too, because depending which map is chosen, a different ability will come in handy. One monster part I’ve built that I am particularly proud of is my bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce arm/leg. I really like how you can save your creations so that I not only don’t have to rebuild it every time, but also so I can make something detailed without worrying about its power being removed from my grasp. I enjoy this game so much that I even dressed up in a ghillie suit just because. Believe it or not, the outfit actually helps me hide pretty well.

So that’s my review of Mashables. I recommend it to both hide & seek fans and experienced builders. It’s a great game with lots of replay value.

There we have it folks! I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed a look at some of our favorite games of the summer! From everyone here at RoGo, we hoped you enjoyed your summer vacation, now let’s keep the articles going throughout the school year! Ciao!

Image provided by the mean and unfair manager, gamerdude5.