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June 24, 2015 at 9:25 AM

Interview with MunicipalLaw

By Fly10101

Editors: Gamerdude5

After the depart from the State of Rockport and The Robloxian Cops, we caught up to FedoraMasterB98, now known as MunicipalLaw. Read on to find the future of Municipal and his journey.



fly10101: Welcome back to RoGo – and thanks for this next interview. We last saw you with Rockport – what’s happened since?

 MunicipalLaw: Well, stepped down. Group wasn’t going the way I envisioned and the way I wanted it too.

fly10101: What inspired you to start fresh with the City of Norfolk?

MunicipalLaw: Brand new start. I wanted to have better, more professional and controlled.

fly10101: What changes are you hoping to find between Rockport and Norfolk?

 MunicipalLaw: Corruption was flooded within TRC, and I take that full blame since I ran the group. The way TRC runs, to change that to more realistic is nearly impossible, due to the size and age group TRC has. Norfolk is more defined, set, organized, etc.

fly10101: Do you have anything new and exciting for Norfolk?

 MunicipalLaw: Lots planned for Norfolk, like weapons for civilians, to get one legally, you’ll need to buy a Weapon permit, and renew it for every 24 hours you play the game. You can also purchase illegally, but they’ll be more expensive. Other things like purchasing and upgrading cars, and homes.

fly10101: Your latest mayor, CommisionerRafael, was removed shortly after taking place in office. Can you tell us about this?

 MunicipalLaw: The voting was close, CommissionerRafael and bill52600 were off by 1 vote, with Rafael taking the win. In the end, he gave a speech that nobody was too fond of and basically caused a ton of comotion, and even a few riots on the city.

fly10101: We noticed the group, Law Enforcement Edge, what could you tell us about this?

MunicipalLaw: Law Enforcement Edge is a Tactical type of clothing group, founded a long time ago, and I gained ownership of it to get the name out there. It will offer departments to be able to purchase high quality uniforms. From Law Enforcment, Firefighters, EMS/EMT, Public Works, etc, etc.

fly10101: Thank you for taking your time with this interview – anything you would like to say to the readers?

MunicipalLaw: Tryout Norfolk, its basically TRC/Rockport 2.0, but not at the same time. Norfolk is by far more advanced, trained, professional, realistic, and simply more fun, and I only plan to expand on that to increase the overall joy of visiting the city.