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April 28, 2015 at 5:00 PM

RoGo Magazine Store 3.0

By TigerCode

Editors: Gamerdude5

For the past few months, I have been working on creating the new RoGo Magazine store. The current magazine store is majorly outdated and needs to be brought up to it’s current time. Before I show off some pictures of the new store, I want to explain what’s being added:

  • Reading the blog in-game (In progress)
  • Lounge area
  • Merchandise area (Clothing)
  • Paid advertisements

Besides the magazine store, there will also be an area for our partners to have their own building along a long street leading up to the store. Cars can be driven down this street. There will also be a nature walk, because who doesn’t like nature?

Now, that’s enough talking. Here are the pictures:

The magazine store is larger than the previous two. It now actually looks like a store, and not a giant box or cylinder.  In the front, it has a display case, where new merchandise will be shown.



The inside features a lounge and merchandise shop. The lounge will be a relaxing place where you can read the older magazines and talk with friends. It has multiple TVs on the walls, where players can purchase ads that will run for a period of time (most likely a week).

The merchandise shop has mannequins that will wear RoGo clothing. All worn clothing will be available for sale. This will also be the location of the older magazines and potentially game passes that award you items in-game.

The last few locations are the main desk and computers. The main desk will have NPC RoGo employees that will answer questions (similar to the first two magazines stores). The computers are where you will be able to read the RoGo blog inside the game. There are six computers inside the store.