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April 17, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Medieval ROBLOX Contest Conclusion

By Aedranoth

Editors: Dornbaum

Hello, ROBLOXians!

I’d like to thank everyone who made an entry for the contest. Here are the results!


As promised, the articles that did not win but placed “on the podium” will be put below.

By AnimalBot99

The story that was passed down from generation to generation was always mixed up.
How did the story really go? I will tell you.

Legot was just walking down the road when he saw the Korblox Empire in the distance. He is part of the Redcliff army and was told to never EVER go near the Korblox Empire. “One day when you go enlist in the army you will go there.” His dad always said. Today was the day; Legot decided to enlist into the army.
“What’s your name kid?” Said the Redcliff soldier.
“My name is Legot and I want to try out for the Redcliff Army!” Said Legot.
“Did you read over our book? If you didn’t, you would risk getting yourself killed” Said the Redcliff soldier.
“Well, I have difficulty reading the book! It’s too long and it’s boring!” Said Legot.
“Well then, better try out after you read it.” Said the Redcliff soldier.
“But I want to try out now! I’ve been waiting for this day for 23 years! The evil Korblox killed my family and I want vengeance! ” Said Legot.
“Fine, just know that I have warned you”
 The Redcliff soldier then signaled up to two soldiers that were on top of the wall and the gate raised.
“Go on, kid.”
“Woohoo! Time to get revenge!” Said Legot.
Legot went through the gate. He was walking down the path through a forest. No one ventured down there unless they were heading to war or getting wood. Today was Legot’s day to be using that path to head out to war. It was a warm summer evening.
“Man, I wonder what is down this strange, dark, and creepy path? I hope there will be food, I’m starving…”
Legot then heard some noise coming from a nearby bush.
“Who’s there?! I’m armed with just a fist!” Said Legot.
“Who’s doing all that yellin’! I’m right here, I’m not deaf y’know!” Said the stranger.
“You really must be grumpy, What is your name?” Said Legot.
“First you come down here yelling and now you’re asking about my name! who are you kid and why did you venture this far down the kingdom?”
“Sure, I’ll tell you if you want to know so badly… I got lost a bit and decided to go down this long, dark, scary, and whatever path…”
“Are you going out to get wood?”
“I JUST SAID I GOT LOST! No, I’m not getting wood”
“Then why else would a kid like you be walking down this pathway?”
“Cause the Korblox killed my family and I came here to the Redcliff Faction to try out to be a Redcliff Soldier”
“Oh, so you got lost taking this path?” The stranger was quite slow on things.
“Sometimes why I bother… Of course I got lost! I just told you 5 minutes ago!” Said Legot.
“So what are you doing down here?”
“You know what? I’m just gonna keep walking…”
“Wait, you say you’re a Redcliff soldier? I knew a Redcliff soldier like you. He got killed in the war.”
“If he got killed then it wasn’t me, But I really need to get going at the moment…”
“Wait, I have some food for you. Do you want bread or wheat?”
“I’ll take the bread”
“Come on kid, pick one.”
“I said BREAD”
“Come on, I’m not a mind reader here.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I ran out of bread. You should of came earlier. You knew the path anyways.”
“I’m just gonna keep walking and forget you old man…”
“I’m not a man you kid!”
Legot kept on walking taking the path. A couple miles down he came to a small wooden bridge. Legot was scared of old wooden bridges.
“Oh, For crying out loud! A old man now a WOODEN bridge?! I really hope the future will be better than this…” Said Legot.
Legot took one step, heard the bridge crack and jumped back. Legot was scared it’d collapse. He tried again slowly. The whole bridge fell in with him.
“Woah! I-MUST-HANG-ON!!”
Legot was in a small stream not even up to his feet. When he realized that he felt dumb. He continued walking. He was talking out loud now to calm himself for what may be next.
“Just talking to myself… What could be my next challenge to overcome?”
“RAWRR!!!!!!” A bear popped out of the bushes.
The bear lunged himself towards Legot. Legot jumped to the side and the bear went off a cliff.
“Now I can see why they call their faction the ‘Redcliffs’ Hah? Get it? Nobody around to hear my joke…”
While Legot was talking about the joke he saw the bear climbing back up and ran. Legot was now entering a nearby village.
“Hello kid. We have lots of fruits for you!” Said a peasant.
Everyone looked at Legot and laughed and carried on with their day.
“Why aren’t they running? I’m not even gonna help them if wild bears start invading the village…”
“Hello there kid. I’m sure there’s a bear coming! It’s just no one cares because our army provides us ‘Animal protection’ where they go out and kill all wild animals that try and enter here! By the way, my name is Animal. I’m the closest animal you’ll find that can talk to you.” Said Animal.
“WILD ANIMAL, KILL IT!!” Yelled Legot.
“Haha, that’s not the first time! Come with me, I have a home.” Said Animal.
Legot and Animal walked to his home. Animal opened the door and Legot was stunned to see what there was. A bed, a chair, a table and a window. Back at Legot’s home he only had a bed.
“You have everything in here! I need to get going soon because I need to go to training with the many other Redcliff recruits.”
“I’ll come too! Lead the way friend.”
“It’s down the rest of that path, I need to go down there!”
“Down the cliff? Are you trying to get me killed?”
“Kinda, I need to pass that cliff in order to get to their base!”
“Let’s go!” Animal grabbed Legot and they were down the path in seconds.
“RAWWWRRRRR!” The bear jumped out from the cliff.
“AAAAHHHH, WATCH OUT!!” Yelled Legot.
Animal jumped on the bear. “Get on!”
“Lets go!”
Legot and Animal were riding down the path way. After 5 miles they came to a dark cave.
“Legend says an evil witch lives there. Killing anyone who dare enters.” Said Animal.
“We’re gonna enter anyways!!” Said Legot.
“No way, we’re going to fight the Korbloxians! Off we go!” The bear ran down to the Korblox base.
“If i get killed, Don’t come to my funeral…”
Animal and Legot were approaching the Korblox kingdom’s gate.
“We need to go in quietly, they might see us!”
As Legot and Animal were slowly going by a Redcliff commander went by and said “Hey, where were you two? We defeated the Korbloxians and took their land already.”
“Well that’s some luck, Let’s get started on training!” Said Legot.
“Oh, we finished training. It was a long time but we did it. By the way, why were you missing for five days?”
Legot was stunned, he didn’t know he was randomly walking around in circles for five days.
“Uhhh, I think I got tired and just kept walking…”
“HEY THERE KID!” Said the crazy woman Legot met. “I found that bread you wanted!” She held out a dead raccoon.
“GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!” Yelled Legot.
“Well, I guess that was our adventure if you can call it that.” Said Animal.
“Yup” Said Legot.

And with that our story comes to an end. Many questions were left unknown. The story was destroyed overtime. What ever happened to Legot and Animal after that, we may never know. But with this story at hand we know that whether you just met someone at a village with a name ‘Animal’ or someone inside a long lost pathway with memory loss, you’ll always have someone to help you.


Thanks again, and congratulations to the people who won!