RoGo Magazine - Medieval Story Contest Winner! Congrats to mgt7374!


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April 17, 2015 at 2:26 PM

Medieval Story Contest Winner! Congrats to mgt7374!

Written by Mgt7374 and published by Aedranoth

Editors: Dornbaum

Darkness. That was all that was left of the world. There were those who had come to defend the land, but they were all gone now. The hordes wouldn’t stop. They would never stop.

A woman, hugging her only son — at least, her only living one — pleaded for help. The chaos wouldn’t end. Houses had been levelled, families torn, fires raged. The heated chill would only continue to spread, until the Korblox had wiped out the last remnants of hope. And humanity along with it.

The balance was gone. All that was there was pain. Emotions were in turmoil. The Knights did nothing. And for what? Some ‘theatrical last stand’, letting their troops regroup. They were fools, every single one of them.

I would rid the world of the threat myself. I have decided already. The one who slaughters them all, forces them to retreat within their strongholds of ice, it will be me. Not one of those wretched beasts would stop me.

I grabbed my sword and my shield, and I began the hike back to the encampment. It was too late for the village now. It was always too late. All I heard was the mother’s scream silenced as the zombies found what might as well have been her forgotten corpse. I sneered, and never looked back.

Sunlight streamed through the window. It had been three months since the fall of Algade. I had been sent to our last stronghold as I had predicted, along with as many refugees as possible. The rest were left outside, banging hopelessly on the doors, begging for someone, anyone, to come save them.

I peeked out the window. The armies of the foul creatures were already coming in from every direction. It would only be a matter of time before those helpless people outside would join their ranks. Humanity was pitifully small. Was it worth saving at all? I walked out of the barracks. I was already late for roll call. I didn’t care. I grabbed my sword and shield, and headed up to the top of the walls. There was nothing around for miles, except the droning footsteps of the Korblox troops, slowly gaining more ground, and the wails of those outside getting louder with each step a zombie would make.

I must be right. Humanity wasn’t worth saving. It was too late for them to be saved, anyway. Humanity was… it was… what was it? I felt hopelessly tired. Maybe I should go back, and take a nap…

Steel against stone. Screams of pain and hate. It was the sound of a Korblox victory. It was an unmistakable sound. I drowsily picked myself up, searching for my sword.

“My sword! Where is my sword?” I screamed, dust and debris clouding my vision. If I simply managed to get my sword, my friends, my relatives, the ones I loved… I could know I died trying to save them; saving the last of human kind.

Funny how things turn out. Mere minutes ago, I decided humanity was worthless. But now I cling to the last remnants of humanity I had left. Mere minutes ago… how long had I been out? The army had been only soft footsteps when I had blacked out.

I fell limp. It was over already. I would be killed, but it would be over soon. The torment would end, and I would see all those I knew in the Diamond Realm.

Hours must have passed, but no pain. The sounds eventually died down. Everyone I had known was dead or already assimilated. I stood, realizing the destruction that had been caused. Warriors must have mistaken me for just another dead body, as I was covered in dust, ash and soot.

I glanced behind me, only to see myself face to face with a Korblox General. I jumped backwards. I was still a coward. Still too scared to face my end.

“On behalf of the army, I thank you.” He said in a deep voice, kneeling.

“What do you want?” I mustered, still hunched against the ground.

“You have opened the gates of the stronghold of the Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum. You will now be blessed with the power agreed on. You will become a member of the hivemind. You will retain your memories and experiences, but you will be immortal. You will never be able to be killed.” The General informed me briskly, before quickly ordering a quick phrase to his subordinates. “Prepare him.”

The zombies grabbed me, eyes still blank with shock. What had he said? I had opened the gates? Had he lost his mind? My body was completely limp as I was dragged along.

Consciousness came to me later. I looked at my new body. It was as the General’s. I could never be killed. And I had killed every last one of my race. My curse could never be lifted. I was doomed to live a life of eternal pain. A living hell, as it were.

I simply fell down, and sat there. I didn’t move. Whatever was left of sanity had drained away. A lonely, ashamed shell was all that remained.