RoGo Magazine - RoGo Update – April 2015


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March 31, 2015 at 10:00 PM

RoGo Update – April 2015

By Aqualotl

Editors: Wegggieninja

Welcome back to another round of updates! Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to one last month. It was very busy for most of us here at RoGo. Good news is that we are back and we have a bunch of new things for you!


Canine and Feline Equality

This is a big one. Due to recent complaints from our small, but vocal canine and feline community, we decided to get rid of colors completely! Apparently they felt excluded from everyone on how they cannot see as many colors as us human. We don’t want to let a fellow reader down, so from now on, RoGo will be in only two shades: black and white. This allows everyone to see the same colors–no matter what species they are! I hope you like the new update, and if your lovable pet isn’t reading RoGo yet, GET YOUR BUDDY A COMPUTER!

Silly us! Animals can’t read! (Yes this was an April Fools joke.)


Hiring – Fashion Analyst

If you remember the last update, I discussed how we are now writing articles for Kestrel. However, we are struggling with the whole “fashion” part. No, we are not unfashionable–we are gorgeous. Most of us here at RoGo just don’t know how to EXPLAIN fashion. That is why we are looking for an expert. If you feel you know fashion, feel free to apply! Head on over to our application page and send one in!


New Manager

This is just an announcement. RoGo now has a new manager! Gamerdude5 has been promoted to the management rank for his professionalism and activity in the group. We feel he will make a great addition to the administration here at RoGo, and we hope you feel the same! He will be helping us approve applications and manage events, so if you have a question, feel free to ask him.


That’s about it for this update! I hope you enjoy the new things that are going on with RoGo. Happy reading!