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March 27, 2015 at 6:37 PM

Flanking Frontier – Interview with the Creators

By Zaqre

Editors: Wegggieninja and Gamerdude5

What types of games have you played recently? Murder Mystery? Apocalypse Rising? Call of Robloxia 5? 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon? If you have, and you love battles with guns, swords, and above all, winning, then sit back and learn about Flanking Frontier. Though, if you’ve ever played Heli-Wars by DrewsomeB, you’ll quickly notice that the layout is almost the same, but with more detail and an amazing twist to the game play.

I had the chance to interview the creators of Flanking Frontier, bluejays1236 and Rocketgamer10. They are without a doubt the two most under-respected developers that I know on ROBLOX. Although Flanking Frontier is in the beta stage, it has about 34,897 place visits and over 1,000 favorites.  Flanking Frontier is a Blu Studios production.

And without further adieu, a friendship that started out on a mere fan group, which led to 4 years of friendship between the two developers, the interview:



LifeCode: How did the two of you meet?

bluejays1236: We met through a fan group of a game about 4 years ago.

LifeCode:  Wow, that’s amazing.

bluejays1236: Yeah, I was also a fan of his back in 2009, lol.

LifeCode: What made you want to develop Flanking Frontier?

bluejays1236: We have always worked on this game. It used to be called “World War III Battle for New Jersey,” but we decided to start on this whole new idea around November, 2014 and gave it a new title, Flanking Frontier. We also gave it a new design.

I went through the comments and found this:

LifeCode: Well you did something right, DrewsomeB commented on the game correct?

bluejays1236: Yes, Drewsome visited this game in its Alpha stage and loved playing it.

LifeCode: Rocketgamer10, what role did you play in the development of the game?

Rocketgamer10: I helped blue come up with some ideas for the map, as well as working on some scripts, such as the helicopters.

Rocketgamer10: We also learned a lot from each other during this project.

LifeCode: Though this project is still in the beta stage, what are some things you plan on working on as soon as possible?

bluejays1236: We hope to add team uniforms, as well as fix some bugs currently in the game, and more Gamepasses and Badges.

LifeCode: That sounds great!

Rocketgamer10: We also want to improve on the map and add more fun elements. Likewise, we also want to expand on the player mechanics.

LifeCode: Will members, or “Gamers” as they are referred to in the Flanking Frontier Community, receive perks?

bluejays1236: Those in Blu Studios or the Flanking Frontier Community will receive updates on the game’s progress.

*During the interview, people started joining and I got hit by a jeep. Luckily Rocketgamer10 and bluejays1236 used a rocket launcher and a machine gun to kill the person and avenge me.*

bluejays1236: Yes they’ll definitely get sneak peeks on all updates we hope to add.

LifeCode: Now, for your beta testers, or as they are called by the Flanking Frontier Community, “Beta Gamer,” what perks will they receive? 

bluejays1236: That’ll be a surprise for them. :)

LifeCode: Fantastic!

LifeCode: Rocket, what do you hope to see in the near future for this game?

Rocketgamer10: We hope to add some ideas that have not typically been seen in a ROBLOX game.

LifeCode: Such as?

Rocketgamer10: For instance, I want to add a grapple hook that would let you, for example, grapple onto helicopters.

LifeCode: Now that’s different.

LifeCode: Final question. 

LifeCode: Do you have any advice for people new to your game?

bluejays1236: Capture command posts. It’s really helpful and your team will love you, lol.

Rocketgamer10: And keep playing!

LifeCode: Thank you for the interview bluejays1236 and Rocketgamer10.

Flanking Frontier is a Blu Studios production.

Special thanks to bluejays1236 and Rocketgamer10 for the interview, and thank you for reading!

Like always, stay BLOX-ing.

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