RoGo Magazine - Game creation will become more group effort friendly (relatively) soon!


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April 8, 2015 at 9:36 AM

Game creation will become more group effort friendly (relatively) soon!

By DerAtomik

Editors: Kingempoleon, Zaqre, Wegggieninja, Mirthmaker and Dornbaum

RDC West, where these awesome features were being exclusively tested. Click the image to see ROBLOX’s Blog Post on this topic.

On the official ROBLOX blog, March 10, ROBLOX announced a bunch of new features coming this year for game creation that I am really excited for, so I am going to share them with you what this means for you, whether you’re a developer or not!

Group Games + Revenue Splitting

You can already link a Personal Server to a group, but when this feature comes out, likewise it will be with regular games! Not only that, but the revenue gained from the game will be split between the selected ranks/people of the group! The owner of the group decides how much is given to whom in percentages. For example, the owner can get 50%, and then one person gets 25%, and another gets the other 25%. This will make splitting game profits much easier than it is now.

Multi-builder Studio

ROBLOX will be giving the ability for several people to work on the same game simultaneously and in real time! This is probably even more wanted than the group games and revenue splitting, and I can see why. Who doesn’t want the ability to create games together without using unstable plugins/other programs?

Click here to see ROBLOX’s demo of this feature!


Sometime this year, hopefully relatively soon, ROBLOX will become much, much more multi-creator game friendly. Everybody has wanted this ever since they became a game developer (of course including myself), but even if you’re not a developer, this will be great for you too because you no longer have to wonder who created a game besides the person marked on the page, and you’ll be able to find the official fan group much easier! What are your thoughts? Leave them below!