RoGo Magazine - Verbatim, Issue 1


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February 7, 2015 at 4:34 AM

Verbatim, Issue 1

By Aedranoth

Editors: Calig13 and Gamerdude5

Verbatim; Week 1

Hello, RoGo Readers!

This is a weekly overview released every Sunday of what has been happening at RoGo and ROBLOX the past week. Let’s dive in, shall we?


Notable games reaching the front page in the past week include Ripull Minigames, Code School, and Ski Resort Snowboarding, while games that have remained on the top charts for quite some time linger as well, like Work at a Pizza Place, Twisted Murderer and Apocalypse Rising.

ROBLOX High School is a featured game for the Big Hero 6 Scavenger Hunt—go earn Baymax’s Helmet!

Mad Paintball development was moved to user Pyrolysis under “Paintball Galore!” after a disagreement in Mad Studios.

ROBLOX Updates

The Friends and Followers update was released. This allows to have friends separated from people who subscribe to your feed and fans. Friends are mutually created—send a friend request, accept—whereas anyone can follow you.

The ROBLOX Develop Conference of 2015 is convening in March. ROBLOX will have a booth at Game Developers Conference, followed by the RDC in San Francisco.

RoGo Update

A RoGo February Update was released. Go read it! The Valentine’s Day Logo and Website Layout was released.

This week at RoGo, a tutorial was given on custom loading screens. The Dead Mist and BLOXOUT reviews were published. A big project only known within the Staff has started to develop. Magazine Store 3.0 is underway.

RoGo is now partnered with Kestrel!

RoGo Weekly Stats

Website Sessions: 529
Website Views: 2,876