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January 17, 2015 at 5:12 PM

Interview with LookedDownUpon

By Fly10101

Editors: Dornbaum, Zaqre, Wegggieninja and Gamerdude5

The following is an interview with Kestrel Chief Design Officer, LookedDownUpon.

fly10101: Who are you, and what are you known for?

LookedDownUpon: My name is LookedDownUpon, better known as Andres or Cris by close friends. I’m a Kestrel Chief Development Officer and the oldest designer in Kestrel, as well as the second oldest employee. I suppose you could say I’m known for designing clothing, but in reality it isn’t significant.

fly10101: Why are you known for this?

LookedDownUpon: Kestrel, really.

fly10101: How long have you been designing for Kestrel?

LookedDownUpon: Since May 24th, 2013.

fly10101: What is your most popular item by far?

LookedDownUpon: My old hipster blazers that were sold at Homestore V2. Each version accumulated at least 1,500 sales, with the red one being the most popular.

fly10101: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to design for the first time? If so, what?

LookedDownUpon: Yeah, if you want to start designing, my advice to you is don’t suck. By “suck,” I don’t mean creating bad things. Originality is very important in the designing world. Nobody likes generic trench coats or black suits. Anybody can do that. Also, be sure to turn off anti-aliasing and your tolerance down to at most five.

fly10101: When did you first start designing?

LookedDownUpon: I started editing things in around September of 2012. I’ve been legitimately designing since April of 2013. Before that, I edited templates and things like that.

fly10101: Do you have any advice to anyone currently designing?

LookedDownUpon: Do things that others haven’t yet. I’d gladly take somebody who’s just started designing with new and exciting ideas than some old, washed up C&G designer who’s generic.


I’d like to thank LookedDownUpon for his quick reply during this interview, and allowing to be interviewed about his designing life.

LookedDownUpon’s work can be found in the latest version of the Kestrel Homestore and on the Kestrel group store.