RoGo Magazine - Project Orange Nutella: An Interview with Gidein, CEO of Kestrel


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January 16, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Project Orange Nutella: An Interview with Gidein, CEO of Kestrel

By Bxnjamin

Editors: Calig13

Hello RoGo readers! Today, I bring to you an exclusive interview with Chief Executive Officer of Kestrel, Gidein. He gives us an inside look at the upcoming V6 Home Store of Kestrel, the largest clothing company on ROBLOX.




bxnjamin: What is your job as a CEO?

Gidein: Being the Chief Executive Officer in Kestrel isn’t as simple as reading a wiki article on how to be one. You’d be surprised by how many times I have to stray from the default job description. I’ve never really been able to focus on one thing at the same time as a CEO. My base job as a CEO is to control, manage and assist the Corporate Officers within Kestrel. Alongside that, I hire and fire CO’s. I guess I could tell you about the millions of side-jobs I have that go along side my main job but the list would be too big.

bxnjamin: Can you tell us some history about what brought you to Kestrel and how you became CEO?

Gidein: Gosh, I’ve been in Kestrel since pre-Summer 2013. I’ve built up quite the past. I was introduced to Kestrel through, I think, either coming across it on the games page or some form of advertisement. I joined Kestrel when it had around 3,000 members and was using the ‘V1’ Homestore. Back then, we didn’t hire people every day – actually we hired people about every month. DrReli was the COO and he went through all the applications declining and accepting and I was overjoyed to be accepted into Kestrel. I actually loved the Kestrel clothing so much I started playing ROBLOX again because of it. Throughout all the Homestores V1, V2, V3, V4, etc., I began ranking up. I had the weirdest promotion jumps. I went from a Sales Associate to a Designer, then to Senior Management, then to BoD, then Chairman, then COO, and finally CEO. I can’t actually remember when I became CEO. I think it was just before V3 was released.

bxnjamin: So, on to V6. For how long have you and Pionse been developing it?

Gidein: For about 3-4 months.

bxnjamin: What are some of your inspirations for V6?

Gidein: I’ve only been influenced by what Pionse has built. The landscape was purely imagination. Pionse normally does research before he builds so I assume he gets his inspiration off things he sees online while doing his research.

bxnjamin: What can be expected from V6 and how do you think the public will react?

Gidein: Well, you can expect a lot of amazing things from V6! We’re completely redoing the entire café system with a whole fancy new display, café and more. We’re bringing back the classic V3 style customer service! We’re even bringing back similar staircases to V3! Both me and Pionse are hoping that people will absolutely love V6.

bxnjamin: Great! And finally, when can we anticipate this home store to be released?

Gidein: Earliest, most likely the 25th of Febuary 2015.

bxnjamin: Awesome! Thank you for joining us today and we can’t wait for V6!



A huge thank you to Gidein for allowing me to interview him!



(Interview took place: January 10, 2015)