RoGo Magazine - HAXOR WEEK!


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January 16, 2015 at 6:16 PM


By Aedranoth

Editors: Zaqre, Dornbaum, Aqualotl and Calig13



No seriously, it was ROBLOX Hack Week recently—an annual event with a span of one business week in which the ROBLOX development team showcases hypothetical projects. This year’s (err…last years, but not…you know what I mean) Hack Week started on December 16th and ended on Friday, the 21st. These ideas will potentially be implemented in the future, while twelve ideas from 2013′s Hack Week were applied to ROBLOX this year of 2014.

One of my favorite out of the ideas featured in the blog shown visually,

Among many, my favorites were ideas to improve lighting and bindable hotkeys. Teams and individuals also brainstormed seemingly minor elements that would actually have an impact on the game. I was able to recognize some as ideas I’ve developed in my head in the past. Scalable hats is one of these, and was presented by Vince D’Amelio.

I look forward to seeing some of these projects added to ROBLOX, whether it will have a small, positive, big or negative impact.

For more information about this event, CLICK HERE