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January 17, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Blasts from the staff!

By DerAtomik

Editors: Zaqre

Welcome all RoGo Readers! Today, let’s hear from the staff of RoGo, including myself, about their favorite ROBLOX game(s) of all time! They also gave a brief description of why they like it. This article’s idea is by lion2323: the RoGo CEO! However, I only received 6 staff member’s submissions, so only 7 favorites are shown here. =(

NOTE: Click the game title to open a new tab/window to the game.



Galleons is a fun, teamwork game where players are placed on a ship, and you either control the ship, or help shoot down the other ship via the cannons on the ship. I was so addicted to this when I was younger, I played it for hours on end.


Natural Disaster Survival

It never gets old. The objective is simple and it’s a game which you can easily play with friends without becoming bored in a short space of time.



He gave me three. I decided to use them all to keep this article long.

Sword Fights on the Heights (SFOTH)

I enjoy this game mainly because it is a ROBLOX classic. If you have never played SFOTH even once, then you will forever be ROBLOX’s biggest noob. The game play is very intense as you are being chased with long, sharp, deadly objects known as swords. The map or terrain is very intense as well. It is not a game to play if you rage. This game is what helped me get my 265,000 KO’s.

Armored Patrol

This game is basically my whole ROBLOXian life. I spend more time at this game than I do making other Editors rage. The game is very interactive and intense. You can only get better in the game by killing or surviving. The point of the game, of course, is to win. I love games where I can fly helicopters, drive tanks and vehicles, build fortifications and make stuff catch on fire and explode. My favorite thing to do in this game is hide in bushes with my anti-air gun and “pwn” enemy aircraft.

Wingz World V

This was the very first game that I played when I joined ROBLOX back in ’08. I’ve always wanted to fly and experience controlling an aircraft. This game would have to be my all time favorite game. It is what made me so interested into ROBLOX and made me stay. This game has been with me since I started ROBLOX and it will be the last game I will ever play if I decide to quit ROBLOX in the very far future.



Reason 2 Die

This game always keeps me entertained whenever I’m bored or have nothing to do when I’m on ROBLOX. I love those types of games where you have to work together with your teammates and survive, and this game delivers all of that, and more. I used to play this back when there were merely only a few maps and no complicated scripts, so I’ve been familiar with this game for quite a while. I was very pleased and surprised when PlaceRebuilder decided to bring the game and himself back from the dead!



I could not find the game, so I have not provided a link.

Blockcraft was a sandbox game on ROBLOX that allowed players to build whatever their heart desired using blocks that you would find in the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. Blockcraft, however, did not include the survival aspect to the game. I enjoyed this because it allowed players to focus more on building. At that point in time, I was not very experienced with ROBLOX Studio, but I still wanted to build. Blockcraft allowed me to do just that (as a ROBLOX newbie at the time) and was the place I met some of my first friends on ROBLOX. I spent hours on Blockcraft building and role playing. Being one of the first games I greatly enjoyed playing, it will always hold a special place when I reflect on my ROBLOX experience.



I could not find the game, so I have not provided a link.

I met someone on there in which I still talk to. I love its RTS feel and just the overall concept.


Anti-Gravity: This is War

Back when it was first released, I enjoyed fighting and being inside an active community, I even managed to be officially 3rd and unofficially 1st (Since I was shown 3rd on leaderboard, but since it was removed I thought that I was first since I never met anyone higher leveled than me.) It was all great fun until sadly the community got a bit inactive. Fortunately, it is getting a revamp with a (hopefully) new name, and I cant wait for that!

What is your all time favorite? Or do you have several? Either way, I’d love to hear them in the comments! :)