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August 28, 2014 at 4:11 PM

New Game UI

By TigerCode

ROBLOX recently updated their game UI with a new “minimalist” design. The most noticeable change is the menu button, which had an image change along with a major relocation. The button moved from the bottom left to the top left, and the image changed from a transparent home to 3 solid bars floating above each other.


Among the developer community, this is a pretty annoying change. A lot of games have custom chat or other GUIs placed in the top left, and with the new UI change, it requires developers to move around their GUIs to prevent overlay.

The chat GUI was also updated. This change my personal favorite. Your name in the chat is no longer colored (it has been said that this will change). Instead, it has a colored circle next to it. This colored circle changes color based on your user’s chat color or team color. Sadly, your user’s chat color still can’t be changed.

Your health bar has also been updated. It is now a small, flat green bar at the bottom of the screen. The green bar changes to red when you are at low health. In my opinion, I think the health bar is a little too small. It is relatively the same size as the old health bar, but since it is now a skinny, light colored bar, it makes it difficult to see on larger screens.


The backpack and player list has been mortified to look more “flat”. They no longer have rounded corners and items are separated by gaps. I personally do not like the player list, mostly because of the drop down icon. The placement of it seems off and it doesn’t “flow” well with the player list itself. The text is also not consistent with the rest of the UI. It is a different font and it has a black text shadow.

Playerlist backpack

The last UI update is the home menu, and it looks amazing. The buttons have been updated to be gray, except for the resume game, which is blue.

Overall, besides the menu button and player list, I am pretty happy with these changes. It makes ROBLOX have a more modern and have a somewhat unique design.

Post in the comments your opinion about the new UI.

Update: The start menu button has been moved to the bottom left corner.