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December 17, 2014 at 1:12 AM

Managing Roblox With School

By InsanelyLuke

Editors: Zaqre, Ukenagashi, Wegggieninja and Dornbaum


One of the major issues I have with ROBLOX is trying to make time for it as l as prioritize  my school work.  As a Sophomore in High School, this does not get any easier. I get around 2-3 hours of homework every night, as well as an  hour for studying. I also have to attend basketball practice. Because of these reasons, I did not have much time to write articles for RoGo. Now that my grades are improving, I have more free time on my hands, and I’ve decided to write this article to help other readers that are experiencing this same dilemma better understand this issue.

My main objective while dealing with this issue was to lessen the amount of time I spent on ROBLOX each week. I used to stay up late each night trying to  finish my homework because I kept procrastinating on ROBLOX. I started getting on right after school for a short period of time, and just to do the essentials, such as responding to private messages, keeping up with my groups, and doing a little building, when I had time. After that, I would turn my computer off for the night, or else I would end up playing a game instead of studying. As much as I wanted to get on, I forced myself to shift my priorities to schoolwork. If I finished early, I allowed myself back on for a bit to relax.

On the weekends, I had a lot more time for ROBLOX, but sometimes it still got in the way of my studying, especially when I had a lot going on. Some days I would have 2 basketball games, a family outing, plans with my friends, and when I got home, instead of doing homework, I got on ROBLOX. Instead of spending all my free time on ROBLOX, I realized that if I got my homework done first, I could still have quite a bit of time to get on and do things.

Another thing I had to realize pretty quickly was that using the computer for my homework got me distracted really easily. Between YouTube and ROBLOX, I spent a ton of time on the computer when I was supposed to be doing homework. The only solution I could find to this, was to keep my computer off as much as possible, and only use it when I NEED it for homework. Otherwise, I would go from my teacher’s webpage on the school website, to playing 3 hours of Apocalypse Rising and binge-watching as many episodes of Dr. Who as I can cram into one night.

Hopefully this was either interesting or helpful to people. I plan to do a lot more posting now that I can get on ROBLOX more, especially since Christmas break is here. Thanks for reading!