RoGo Magazine - November 2014 RoGo Update


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November 4, 2014 at 3:57 PM

November 2014 RoGo Update

By Aqualotl

Editors: Dornbaum

2014-11-04 09.53.45

This is just an article to inform you on our plans with RoGo for November of 2014. As you have now probably noticed, the website now has a  festive thanksgiving/fall theme. I hope you like it!

To start off with the important information, we are going to work on partnering with other groups.

“LION! What does this mean for me?” Good question, random person whose name will never be mentioned! It means that we will be providing you, the RoGo reader, more information about other groups.
Here’s an example: After looking at the statistics gathered over the past few months, we found that most of our readers are interested in clothing and fashion. To satisfy this fashion crave of yours, we are planning to partner with one or more clothing groups. We will then provide the articles about their most recent clothing.

“LION! HOW CAN I GET MY FAVORITE GROUP TO PARTNER WITH ROGO?!?!” What another great question! If you’re reading this in early November, you can hop on over to the featured poll and submit an idea! If you’re just being curious and reading this after November, you can send me a private message on ROBLOX and I’ll look into it.

Now, another thing we are looking at trying is publicly written articles. These will be articles written by non-staff members; published by a staff members on the website. Your name will be displayed as the author and a link will be given to your profile. Currently, we have no system set up on how these articles will be selected, but I wanted to inform you that this will be a possibility. I am hoping to collaborate with some of the wonderful developers over on RBXDev to produce articles about their development strategies and tips on how you can create the most interesting games possible. I will write a new article about this once we figured out a plan. So, sit tight and start writing those articles for submission!

Lastly, I would like to address the sad, but potentially hopeful part of this update. Due to our inactivity over the summer, quite a few of our old staff members have either quit ROBLOX or are incredibly inactive. We are planning on doing a staff reform and plan a staff meeting soon to solve this issue. Some staff members will unfortunately be let go. This means we will have some empty spaces to fill. We will be reading through applications soon and hopefully hire some new authors to write articles for you to read! If you would like to apply, head over to the application page.

That’s about it for this update. Pay attention to the website for more information in what we are planning to do. Happy reading!