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October 15, 2014 at 10:47 PM

RoGo Halloween Contest

By Zaqre


Hello fellow ROBLOXians and RoGo Fans, I am Prozaic and proud to announce that RoGo is holding a contest! The contest is very simple, write a Halloween story (scary or not) and message Prozaic on ROBLOX with your entry! Click here to message me. Please read below for the contest rules and prize(s).

Click here if you are not able to message me, then click “Message” on my profile.


Contest Rules


:arrow: It must follow all of ROBLOX rules and guidelines.

:arrow: May not be mature or explicit, it must be rated G or PG.

:arrow: You must message Prozaic for your entry to be looked at, do NOT message anyone else nor post on the group wall.

:arrow: You must be original.

:arrow: Must be creative.

:arrow: May not contain any personal information.

:arrow: The title of the message must be labeled “RoGo Halloween Story Entry” or it will not be put into the contest.

:arrow: It must be 500 or more words.

:arrow: The entry must be submitted BEFORE the timer at the bottom of this page run out!


There will be a First, Second, and Third place winner. The First place winner will have their story featured on the RoGo website as well as a tweet about the story plus a shout out on Twitter.

Second place winner will receive a shout out on the RoGo website and a shout out from RoGo on Twitter.

Third place winner will receive a shout out on the group shout.


*All shout outs will be to the winner(s) ROBLOX profile!


Good luck to all who enter!


This contest is not affiliated with ROBLOX, Inc. in any way nor does it grant free items or privileges on ROBLOX.