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August 27, 2014 at 2:21 AM

Who’s the Traitor? Review + Interview with the Creator!

By Ukenagashi

Hello, hello. My name is Ukenagashi. That’s it for my intro, let’s get on with my first article on the new RoGo site!

We’ll be looking into the game Who’s the Traitor?a game created by RoGo Active Fan, MrAtomikBlaster. It is a fighting/survival game where one person is set as the Traitor every round, with the goal to eliminate the others, who are labeled as Survivors. The Survivors work together to find out who the Traitor is and eliminate him.


It requires 3 players to play a round. The servers are set to 13 players max, which allows up to 12 Survivors to fight 1 Traitor. The Traitor receives no special buffs (unless they bought a few of the Game Passes, such as Upgraded Weapons), which makes winning harder.
Each round lasts for 5 minutes max, which is ample time to play. I played with 4-5 other players, and the rounds flew by rather quickly, so 5 minutes may be a bit too much time, but that’s alright, it’s meant for a higher number of players.


You start off with a Pistol and a Knife. The Pistol loads up to 10 in it’s clip, and you have an infinite supply of ammo. Each shot deals around 12 damage, so landing a full clip can kill. It has a very fast firing rate, it can empty a clip in just over 1 second, so accurate clicks are rewarded by this rate.

One round, I landed 7 of my shots on the Traitor, forcing him to flee. It took less than 1 second for me to cripple him.

The Knife is the melee, it deals around the same, 12 damage per hit, and has a short range. It’s range and damage is rather bad; I say the pistol outclasses it.

I used the gun more often than the knife. The superior range + fire rate + damage scales well over the knife. The knife is a lot easier to hit, especially when the enemy is jumping around and spamming pistol shots at you.

The in-game shop sells a Shotgun for 40 points. The Shotgun replaces the Pistol and Knife. It deals massive damage at close range, combing the knife and the pistol to one weapon. It deals

Buying the Upgraded Weapons game pass upgrades your Pistol and Knife to a Machine Gun and Sword.

The Machine Gun fires even faster than the Pistol, deals 6 damage per bullet, and has a larger clip, loaded with 100 bullets. Because of the larger clip, reloading the Machine Gun is longer. This allows you to put out more damage than the Pistol.

The Sword has double the range of the Knife, deals 16 damage per hit, but has a slower swing rate. It makes melee combat a lot better, but I do think the Machine Gun is a bit better than the Sword.

This game pass is overpowered, mainly because of the Machine Gun, and relatively cheap price of 45R$.

There is also the Medic class. You can play the Medic class by purchasing the game pass cleverly named Medic Class.


The Medic class removes your Pistol, and replaces it with a Medigun. MrAtomikBlaster gives full credit to Ozzypig for creating the Medigun. Medic is only playable as a Survivor–so any Medics in the game are Survivors and shouldn’t be shot at, unless you are the Traitor. The Medigun heals any damaged player, including the Traitor, so be careful on who you heal!

Playing with a low number of players (like when I played), the rounds fly by pretty fast when people are trying out different plays. One of which included spamming the chat “OMG, IT MUST BE UKENAGASHI” and then spamming bullets in my direction. There’s no real tactic in the game, besides playing the extra cautious and safe game.

But where’s the fun in that?

I go ahead and spam bullets at anyone who comes near me. I try making unexpected plays to see what will happen. Teamkill? Apologize and move on. It happens, and for good reason. Random Traitor kill? Lucky you. Why bother playing safe, when you can just have your own fun? Who’s the Traitor definitely allows you to create your own enjoyment, at the cost of losing in-game points.

Of course, you can play the safe game and survive. You’ll have a lot more points than me.

Also, I somewhat don’t recommend my play-style. You lose 5 points every time for team killing. My risky play-style might not be such a good idea.

Winning a round as the Traitor grants 5 in-game points + 15 Player Points. Surviving as a Survivor grants 2 in-game points + 3 Player Points. The Player Points budget in the game was over 30’000, which means there are A LOT of playable games that will give out points.

Let’s do a little bit of math, shall we?

It requires 3 players to play one round. 2 of those players are Survivors, so they get 3 Player Points each if they both survive, 6 total But if one of them die, then only 3 PP would be rewarded total. 30’000 Available Points/3 Rewarded Points=10’000. There can be 10’000 rounds max in which one player would receive points. But winning as Traitor gives out more. 30’000/15=2’000. 2’000 games total is the minimum amount in which you can receive Player Points, creating a range of 2’000 – 10’000. That is a LOT of games.


Overall, I rate Who’s the Traitor an 8/10. It is a solid game, very well made with all bugs ironed out from my experience. Playing as the Traitor is very, very challenging, it only gets tougher with more players in the server. The Pistol is a bit overpowered in my opinion, and buying the Upgraded Weapons gamepass to turn it into a Machine Gun makes it even more overpowered. The guns really need to be more balanced, they are too good if your aim is spot on. The Knife might also want a small buff of increased damage, being on par with the Pistol at a limited range isn’t good enough.


My long and tiring process of securing an interview with MrAtomikBlaster was very challenging. I happen to be a relatively close friend to him, so I contacted him over Steam, messaged him about this post, and he agreed to play and be interviewed. Took 2 whole minutes out of my life, the most challenging part of this post. Very long, and very tiring, right?

We’ll start with questions about the game:

Ukenagashi: How did you get the idea to make Who’s the Traitor?
MrAtomikBlaster: I really like fighting games, and I also love mystery. So I thought, why not make a mysterious fighting game?

Ukenagashi: How did the place get popular?
MrAtomikBlaster: I honestly do not know. One day, I was playing with friends, and suddenly, a flood of players came in. Even other servers got popular. I didn’t even run any ads at first. I did later, and they helped a bit more. Unfortunately, the game has mostly died off. But I still get 100-500 visits per week.

Ukenagashi: Did you face any challenges while creating your game?
MrAtomikBlaster: Yes, a ton of bugs. It caused a lot of players to leave and give the game a thumbs down, which did permanent damage to the game’s ratings.

Ukenagashi: Did you need any help from others while creating your game?
MrAtomikBlaster: Yes, I had some maps done for me, being the lazy person I am.

Ukenagashi: How does it feel to be a developer of such a successful place?
MrAtomikBlaster: It’s a bit overwhelming, but it feels good. Having so many supporters. When you go in-game, you’re going to get treated like a ROBLOX admin.

Ukenagashi: Any planned updates to the game?
MrAtomikBlaster: Yes, I am currently working on a huge update called “Traitor’s Expansion.” I plan to release it hopefully in late September, due to my laziness and starting school a week from this interview. I will only give you one spoiler: Entirely new, clean and good looking Gui Interface.

He gave me a list of what he is planning to make. However, he doesn’t want me to spoil anything, so I blurred and smudged out the list.

2014-08-25 21_28_52-MrAtomikBlaster - Chat
Click on the image to see the blurs and smudges.


What will the update contain?!

Now, onto questions about the amazingly amazing MrAtomikBlaster:


Ukenagashi: I know you are a RoGo Active Fan. How did you find RoGo, and what made you stay active with the group?
MrAtomikBlaster: I saw an ad, so I clicked it, went to the magazine store, and I instantly fell in love. I can’t remember what the latest issue was at the time, I think #7. I stayed because they always produced interesting, wonderful content.

Ukenagashi: Are you active with any other groups on Roblox?
MrAtomikBlaster: Yes, I own the most populated BC Socializing group, called BC, TBC, and OBC People. A few of my groups are just to show off some things about me.

Ukenagashi: How did you get your username?
MrAtomikBlaster: The “Mr” because I’m a guy. “AtomikBlaster” because I like blowing things up in video games, and I don’t remember why an atomic blast. Also, it’s a K instead of a C because I made an alt with the name “MrAtomicBlaster” a few months before username changing came out. So yes, MrAtomikBlaster is not my original username. I hate my original because I made it when I was 10. It was “timothyrulze.”

Ukenagashi: What other video games do you play besides Roblox?
MrAtomikBlaster: Sometimes Steam games like Terraria and TF2. But usually outside my computer, my Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Ukenagashi: Final Question: Anything to say to the RoGo Fans?
MrAtomikBlaster: If you want to be a Game Dev too, put your heart into your games and don’t let anyone push you down.


I have to thank MrAtomikBlaster for chatting and playing with me for 2 hours, and for providing me with information. I definitely enjoyed writing this article.

Check him out on Roblox, and his Twitter @MrAtomikBlaster!

[Fun Story] I haven’t played too many Roblox games recently, so I became used to Team Fortress 2 mechanics. I constantly tried to crouch jump, and I by accident kept enabling MouseLockSwitch. Silly Uken!