RoGo Magazine - RoGo’s Progress (9/17/2014)


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September 17, 2014 at 11:00 PM

RoGo’s Progress (9/17/2014)

By Aqualotl

Editors: Joshuats and Dornbaum

It has been over three weeks since we first launched the new blog and I would like to talk about it’s progress. This article will be filled with statistics and other data that we have collected since the launch, so if you are a fan of numbers, stick around!

First off, I would like to thank the staff for keeping up with the articles. Although we were not able to keep the goal of two articles per day (which we didn’t expect), the staff has managed to post at least 12 articles per week. In total, up to this day, we have had 25 articles published in the month of September for a total of 37 articles in all. That, I have to say, is very thrilling for me. I’m very glad that we’ve managed to bring RoGo back and not let it just die off.

Now, to get into some of the serious numbers. Through Google Analysis, we are able to track a lot of information to see how we are doing and how we can improve. In the three weeks up until the point of me writing this article, RoGo has been visited in 66 different countries across 6 continents. In total, we have had 4,740 sessions, 25,190 page views with 56% of our visitors are returning and 44% are new. On average, we get about 1,500-2,000 page views daily. If we were to focus in on just the United States, we have visits from 48 states with a total of 3,290 sessions.

We can then break up the page views into smaller categories. Here are the top 10 articles so far:

  1. Welcome to The New RoGo Website!
  2. New Staff Members (September 1st, 2014)
  3. The Mystery of The Wind of Fjords
  4. Guide to Filtering and RemoteFunctions/Events
  5. New Game UI
  6. Lua Tutorial – Prints and Waits – Lesson 1
  7. The Hit Game You Haven’t Heard of Yet
  8. Who’s the Traitor? Review + Interview with the Creator!
  9. Roblox Clan Battle
  10. HHCL—Deserving More Hardcore Players

Google Analysis also allows us to learn more about the visitors. This is very helpful because it allows to understand what the visitor likes so that we can further improve. As an example on what we plan to do, we have learned that most of our visitors are interested in apparel and accessories. So, I would like to ask you this: which ROBLOX fashion group is your favorite? Post in the comments! We will try to get in contact with the owner and hopefully we can write articles about their products.

Besides the website, the group itself has also received quite a bit of attention. Since we updated the website, the group has gained almost 2,500+ members. If you haven’t joined yet, I recommend joining! It’s a great place to communicate with other fans interact with the staff.

With that, I conclude this statistic filled article. I hope you enjoyed the information, and remember, post below in the comments your favorite fashion group!

Here are some other statistics that I would like to share but are kind of pointless but still interesting:

  • The most popular OS that visitors use is Windows with 82%. Mobile OSs are in second with 8%. Mac comes in third with 6%. The remaining 4% are miscellaneous OSs which percentages are too small to mention.
  • The most popular browsers are as followed, Chrome (75%), Safari (7%), Internet Explorer (7%), Firefox (7%), and other browsers (4%).
  • 88% of our visitors are male while 12% are female.
  • In total, there are 53 different languages that our visitors speak.