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Articles Submitted by YOU!

Posted 3 years ago by Zaqre

Posted in Editorials

This article is for those who wish to create amazing content and have it featured here on the RoGo website.


Have you ever wanted to become a RoGo employee but felt that the hiring process takes too long and have always wished to be an Editor, Author, or Fashion Analyst? Well, here is your chance to be an unofficial Author with RoGo!

While many of you reading this may have already submitted your work, the only problem is that not many people know how to format their work so we can officially publish it.…


Interview with BigGranny000

Posted 3 years ago by Sir_Jack

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Interview with BigGranny000

Hello, RoGo readers! Recently, I had the privilege to interview  BigGranny000, a ROBLOX YouTuber with over 26,000 subscribers. He’s a part of the new YouTube collaboration channel Quadlee.

BigGranny000 primarily creates ROBLOX-related videos, but he occasionally branches out into other games, such as Rocket League and Grand Theft Auto V. Check out his YouTube channel by clicking here. Without further ado, let’s get into the questions.

Sir_Jack: When you first started Youtube, did you ever expect to get as big as you have?


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