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Pranmar123′s India

Posted 4 years ago by OverlyAttachedDev

Pranmar123's India

Pranmar123 created his Ro-Nation version of India on July 28, 2013. I’ve been in this nation of just over 2,000 people for about a month now and my experience has actually been pretty good compared to my past experiences in Ro-Nations. The law enforcement at the capital were quite friendly (yet a little cautious, understandably) and the government seems well organized. This article is designed to show you the ins and outs of Pranmar123′s India.


Government Type: Republic

Capital: New Delhi

President: DANGEROUS555

Vice President: eddy45

Prime Minister: XavierCharlesworth

Deputy Prime Minister: iamrome (resigned)

New Delhi (v2)

Their capital, New Delhi, is a huge city with cars, shops, a bank, and more!…


Verbatim, Issue 2

Posted 4 years ago by Aedranoth

Salutations, ROBLOXians! Welcome to the second issue of Verbatim, the recap of the week in ROBLOX and in RoGo.


ROBLOX News & Updates

The Orange Sparkletime Fedora was released, with a Valentine’s Day theme release and President’s Day sale. Items previously off sale are now on sale for a limited time. There’s a new social tab in settings, allowing you to link your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch from your profile page. Presents for Valentine’s day were released. The ROBLOX opstest site was online.…


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